Invited Scholars / Visiting Research Fellows


The mission of RIHN is to conduct integrative research on key areas of interaction between humanity and nature. RIHN solicits, funds, and hosts research projects lasting up to five years. Projects conduct high-quality applied research, always based on interdisciplinary approaches including natural science, social science, and the humanities. Moreover, the transdisciplinary approach is increasingly important: it seeks to redefine the role of science in society, improve dialogue between different traditions of knowledge, and stimulate local, national and international collaborations in the design and production of knowledge concerning key social and environmental issues.

The RIHN Invited Scholar and RIHN Visiting Research Fellow programs enable overseas researchers to spend several months at the Institute, conducting research and contributing to the development of the Institute.

Program Overview

Invited Scholars / Visiting Research Fellows List

RIHN Seminars

▼ 2022

    Invited Scholars
  • MERTZ, Ole
  • Professor, University of Copenhagen

    2022/12/15 - 2023/3/14

    Forest Frontiers in the tropics
    – human and environmental impacts of land use transitions

  • GRUMBACH, Stephane
  • Senior scientist (directeur de recherche), INRIA

    2022/10/21 - 2023/1/19

    Research topic: Society’s information system and the sustainability conundrum

    Visiting Research Fellows
  • PARRY, Jason Rhys
  • Senior Content Research and Development, Sapienship

    2022/10/17 - 2022/12/17

    Research topic: Forest of Signals: Biosemiotics and the Future of Data

  • FERRERA, Charissa Marcaida
  • Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute

    2022/7/1 - 2022/8/31

    Research topic: Co-creating Strategies for Adaptive Governance Framework in Coral Reef and Surrounding Island Systems

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