Reception of the Visiting Research Fellow (FERRERA, Charissa Marcaida)

RIHN is currently receiving a Visiting Research Fellow as follows.

FERRERA, Charissa Marcaida
July 1, 2022 – August 31, 2022
Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute
Research Topic:
Co-creating Strategies for Adaptive Governance Framework in Coral Reef and Surrounding Island Systems

Dr. Charissa Ferrera is involved in transdisciplinary research on water quality and sustainable use of coastal and groundwater resources. During her stay, she is working with Prof. Ryuichi Shinjo, LINKAGE Project Leader, to introduce the socio-environmental report cards as one of the tools to bridge the different units of the adaptive governance framework. She will also be exploring environmental justice and obstacles to behavioral change toward the improvement of the natural systems unit while being involved in discussions on methods to trace pollutant sources in coral reefs and adjacent aquatic systems.

FERRERA, Charissa Marcaida