Towards Sustainable Nitrogen Use Connecting Human Society and Nature

Our nitrogen (N) use provides great benefits as fertilizer for food production and materials for industrial production. However, the production and consumption of food, goods, and energy induce a huge amount of reactive N (N compounds other than inert and harmless dinitrogen) loss to the environment that threatens human and ecosystem health through various N pollution. This is the N issue, i.e., a tradeoff between benefits of our N use and threats of N pollution accompanied. The Sustai-N-able project conducts inter- and trans-disciplinary research towards sustainable nitrogen use for future generations.

What’s New

26 Apr. 2024
SusN YouTube channel was opened and nitrogen videos were uploaded
03 Apr. 2024
SusN FR2 Spring project meeting was held in Keihoku-cho, Kyoto
29 Mar. 2024
As a research result of the Economic Evaluation Team of this project, "持続的農業の経済学―サステナブルな窒素利用の実現 (Economics for sustainable agriculture - towards the achievement of nitrogen utilization)" is published by Chuo Keiza-sha
23 Feb. 2024
The event “Sustai-N-able Island Day ~ Connecting Miyako's food and environment ~“ will be held in Miyakojima City on February 23rd (Friday/Holiday). Details are also posted on SusN Instagram shown below!
08 Feb. 2024
English version of the special talk on "Nitrogen is “everywhere” and we cannot see why it’s important" from RIHN News Letter No.89. is now abailable
05 Feb. 2024
Instagram on SusN Project is opened!
30 Nov. 2023
New Columns written by Dr. Kyoi is updated
22 Nov. 2023
New Columns written by Ms. Moonju and Dr. Saiki are updated
08 Nov. 2023
New Column written by Prof. Hayashi is updated
05 Oct. 2023
New Columns written by Dr. Kyoi and Dr. Dhar are updated
01 Oct. 2023
English version website has been launched
01 Sep. 2023
A discussion on nitrogen by PL Hayashi was published in RIHN Newsletter No.89. (only in Japanese)
10 Aug. 2023
Column has been updated
10 Nov. 2023
[Event]SusN Autumn Meeting
14 Apr. 2023
[Event]SusN Spring Meeting
03 Apr. 2023
Project website is now available!
01 Apr. 2023
Project is now in full research (FR)

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— Related Links for Nitrogen Issues —

  • Japanese Nitrogen Expert Group

    This group aims to promote to share information and exchange opinions among domestic experts on nitrogen across multiple fields.

  • Towards INMS

    A large-scale international project aimed at establishing an international nitrogen management system. This project had been completed in June 2023. The knowledge is utilized in nitrogen management by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

  • Nitrogen Footprint

    This project provides a tool (N-Calculator) to calculate our personal nitrogen footprint on the web. SusN project is working together with this project to publish the Japanese version.

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