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Dr. Akiyo Yatagai and APHRODITE Project Team win 2015 "International Award" of the Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources. >> News

Asian Precipitation - Highly-Resolved Observational Data Integration Towards Evaluation of Water Resources
(APHRODITE's Water Resources)

The APHRODITE project develops state-of-the-art daily precipitation datasets with high-resolution grids for Asia. The datasets are created primarily with data obtained from a rain-gauge-observation network. The status of data collection and the domains we use to create the daily grids are shown on the Products page.

APHRODITE's Water Resources project has been conducted by the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) and the Meteorological Research Institute of Japan Meteorological Agency (MRI/JMA) since 2006. Our domestic members are listed here.

Our approach and objectives are presented on the Scope page. We welcome various types of collaboration, particularly the collection of rain-gauge-observation data and feedback from grid-data users. Our collaborators are listed here.


APHRODITE datasets are also available from DIAS (Data Integration and Analysis System)! You can download APHRODITE dataset from DIAS webserver. (User registration for DIAS is needed.) It is convenient for new users to register DIAS and download APHRODITE dataset.

Dr. Akiyo Yatagai and APHRODITE Project Team win 2015 "International Award" of the Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources. >More

We have released APHRO_MA_V1101R2, revised version of Precipitation product with rain/snow discrimination for monsoon Asia. Please see Product page.
NetCDF version of AphroTemp_V1204R1 is available.

We have released revised version of AphroTemp_V1204. We strongly recommend all users using AphroTemp_V1204 to replace it with AphroTemp_V1204R1.

We have released new products, AphroTemp_V1204, APHRO_MA_V1101R1 and AphroJP_V1207. AphroTemp_V1204 is daily gridded temperature dataset for Monsoon Asia.
New indicator to discriminate snow from rainfall is introduced to APHRO_MA_V1101R1.
New version of very-high-resolution (0.05-degree) and long-term (1900-2011) daily gridded dataset over Japan (AphroJP_V1207) is also released. Please see the Products page.
The reference paper of the AphroTemp_V1204 and APHRO_MA_V1101R1 is published.
Yasutomi, N., A. Hamada and A. Yatagai (2011): Development of a long-term daily gridded temperature dataset and its application to rain/snow discrimination of daily precipitation, Global Environmental Research, V15N2, pp.165-172.[Link(PDF)]

The reference paper of the APHRODITE project/product (V1101) has been accepted by BAMS!
Yatagai, A., K. Kamiguchi, O. Arakawa, A. Hamada, N. Yasutomi and A. Kitoh (2012): APHRODITE: Constructing a Long-term Daily Gridded Precipitation Dataset for Asia based on a Dense Network of Rain Gauges, Bulletin of American Meteorological Society (in press), doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-11-00122.1. [Link (Early Online Issue [PDF])]

We have released the product V1101! Readme has not been prepared yet, sorry.
Please goto the download page.

We have released the product V1003R1.
Please see the Products page.

We have released the product V1003.
Please see the Products page.

We have released a very-high-resolution (0.05-degree) long-term (1900−) daily gridded dataset over Japan (APHRO_JP). Please see the Products page.

The Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2010 was held from May 23 to 28, 2010 in Chiba. We held the international session of "Development of precipitation products in geophysical studies (A-AS004)". [Link]

The reference paper for the product V0902 has been accepted by SOLA. The information for citing this paper in your presentation or published work is as follows.
Yatagai, A. O. Arakawa, K. Kamiguchi, H. Kawamoto, M. I. Nodzu and A. Hamada (2009): A 44-year daily gridded precipitation dataset for Asia based on a dense network of rain gauges, SOLA, 5, 137-140, doi:10.2151/sola.2009-035. [Link]

Since we released the product V0804 in May 2008, we have made continuous efforts to collect data and improve quality control and the analysis method. We have begun releasing V0902 after in-house checking. The previous test version (V0902_pre) has been replaced with 0.5-degree and 0.25-degree gridded daily precipitation data for the period of 1961−2004 over Monsoon Asia (MA_V0902), the Middle East (ME_V0902) and Russia (RU_0902). The differences from the previous versions are detailed in "readme", and remaining problems "errata" are reported on this website. We welcome any feedback including your problems and requests for future improvements.

The APHRODITE project has been given a two-year extension that will run until March 2011 because of good reviews of our first three years of activity. We thank everyone for their cooperation.


2013.04.03 APHRO_MA_V1101R2 released
2012.07.24 AphroJP_V1207 released
2012.07.07 V1101R1 and AphroTemp_V1204 released
2011.11 V1101 released
2010.08.25 V1003R1 released
2010.08.25 site renewal
2010.07.29 V1003 released
2010.07.22 APHRO_JP released
2009.06.15 NetCDF files for V0902 added
2009.05.16 V0902 released
2009.03.31 V0902_pre released
2008.05.16 V0804 released
2007.07.01 site renewal
2006.05 release

APHRODITE's Water Resources project is supported by Environment Research & Technology Development Fund of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. We appreciate the many international as well as Japanese collaborators, who are listed here.