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In our e-rec project, we investigate the flow of nutrients in nature and investigate the relation between people's lives in the area and the richness of nature. We are also studying ways to keep rich ecosystems with people in the community and how one's happiness is compatible.


How can we solve both the environmental problem of the basin caused by the imbalance of nutritional balance and the problems unique to the region? We will start reviewing the value of nature in the area and working with the residents to work together to preserve it.

Activity location

Lake Biwa Basin in Shiga Prefecture, which is a hot spot of biodiversity, and comparative research in the field of Laguna Lake basin of the Philippines Laguna basin where serious eutrophication and declining biodiversity due to rapid economic development are serious · river pollution is serious .
River&ground water sampling map(Lagna)


We are conducting research activities with a secretariat at the RIHN located in Kamigamo, Kita Ward, Kyoto City. In addition, we cooperate with various institutions such as education and administration other than the office, and conduct research and research with about 100 members in Japan and overseas








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