Resilience International Symposium

Building Social-Ecological Resilience in a Changing World

18-20 June 2011

Program (tentative):

18 June 2011
09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcoming address by:
- Narifumi Tachimoto
, RIHN Director
- Chieko Umetsu, Resilience Project Leader:

"Resilience Studies of Social-Ecological Systems and the Resilience Project"

Keynote speech: Lisa Cliggett, U. of Kentucky, USA
Session Chair: Chieko Umetsu, RIHN

"Chronic Uncertainty and Momentary Opportunity: Long Term Components of Social Resilience in the Gwembe Valley and Beyond"

  10:50 Coffee break
SESSION I: Household Resilience and Coping Responses to Social and Environmental Shocks
Session Chair: Thamana Lekprichakul, RIHN
  • Hiromitsu Kanno, National Agricultural Research Center (NARC):
    Analysis of Meteorological Measurements Made Over Three Rainy Seasons and Numerical Simulations in Sinazongwe District, Southern Province in Zambia.

  • Taro Yamauchi (Hokkaido U.):
    Longitudinal Monitoring Survey on the Nutritional Status of Adults Living in Contrasting Ecological Zones in Zambia.

  • Takeshi Sakurai (Hitotsubashi U.):
    How to Integrate Social Science and Natural Science in the Study on Socio-Ecological Resilience: The Case of Southern Province of Zambia

Discussant: Ryohei Kada, RIHN
  12:25 Lunch
Date Time
18 June 2011
Invited speech: Sheona Shackleton, Rodes University, South Africa
Session Chair: Hitoshi Shinjo , Kyoto University

"Building Resilience amongst Vulnerable Natural Resource Dependent Communities in an Increasing Risky and Uncertain World: Understandings from South and Southern Africa"

SESSION II: Political Ecology of Vulnerability and Resilience from Historical and Institutional Perspectives
Session Chair: Michaela Pelican, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Shiro Kodamaya (Hitotsubashi U.):
    How Effective Input Supply Support and Small-scale Irrigation for Smallholder Farmers in Improving Food Security: The Case of One Village in Central Zambia

  • Kazuo Hanzawa (Nihon U.):
    Agricultural Change and Unstable Production for 20 Years in a Village, Central Zambia

  • Gear Kajoba (U. of Zambia):
    The Impact of Droughts and Floods and the Vulnerability of the Food System in Zambia

  • Shuhei Shimada (Kyoto U.):
    Understanding the Vulnerability of African Farmers Living with Uncertainty: From a Study of a Village in Central Province, Zambia
Discussant: Noriatsu Matsui, Teikyo University
  15:55 Coffee break
SESSION III: Social Resilience of Small-holders in Response to Environmental and Development Challenges
Session Chair: Takeshi Sakurai, Hitotsubashi University
  • Camille Washington-Ottombre (Oberlin College, Ohio):
    The Role of Local Institutions in Shaping Household Responses to Climate Change and Variability: A Case Study along the Slopes of Mt. Kenya

  • Erin Joakim (U. of Waterloo):
    Building Back Better: Exploring Disaster Recovery through a Post-Disaster Sustainable Livelihoods, Resilience and Vulnerability Framework.

  • Chihiro Ito (RIHN):
    The Characteristics of “Rural Business” and its Impact on Local Livelihood and Vulnerability: A Case Study of Southern Province, Zambia

  • Thamana Lekprichakul (RIHN):
    2004/05 Drought Responses and Recovery of Communities in Southern and Eastern Province of Zambia
Discussant: Steve McCauley, Clark University, USA
  18:00 Reception
19 June 2011
Keynote speech: Brian Walker, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia and Board Chairman of the Resilience Alliance
Session Chair: Takakazu Yumoto, RIHN

"Putting Resilience Thinking into Practice"

SESSION IV: Ecological Resilience for Smallholder Farming Systems in the Semi-Arid Tropics
Session Chair: Moses Mwale, Zambia Agricultural Research Institute
  • Hidetoshi Miyazaki (RIHN):
    Ecological Resilience of the Farms under Various Agro-Ecosystems in Southern Province of Zambia

  • Hiroyuki Shimono (Iwate U.):
    Effects of Planting Date on Maize Productivity in Zambia

  • Sesele B. Sokotela (ZARI):
    Effects of Agro-Forestry Plants in Soil Fertility Restoration and Enhancement Maize Productivity in a Miombo Woodland in the Petauke District of Eastern Zambia

  • Hitoshi Shinjo (Kyoto U.):
    Ecological Resilience under Slash-and-Burn Agriculture and Fallowing in a Miombo Ecosystem in Eastern Province of Zambia
Discussant: Tsugihiro Watanabe, RIHN
  11:45 Lunch
  12:40 SESSION V: Poster session
Date Time
19 June 2011
13:30 Invited speech: Srikantha Herath, United Nations University, Tokyo
Session Chair: Takeshi Kume, RIHN

"Lessons for Sustainability from Ancient Irrigation Systems in Sri Lanka"

SESSION VI: Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Resilience and Food Security
Session Chair: Shuhei Shimada, Kyoto University
  • Yudai Ishimoto (RIHN):
    Adaptation and Coping Behavior for Food Security in Southern Province

  • Tom Evans (Indiana U.):
    Integrated Analysis for Spatial and Temporal Resilience to Food Insecurity

  • Kelly Caylor (Princeton U.):
    Ecohydrological Interactions in a Degraded Two-Phase Mosaic Dryland: Implications for Regime Shifts, Resilience, and Restoration
Discussant: Norio Yamamura, RIHN
  15:30 Coffee break
Operationalizing Resilience: A Way Forward for Rural Development
Session Chair: Chieko Umetsu, RIHN

  17:30 Closing speech by
Takakazu Yumoto, RIHN
20 June 2011
09:00 Field Trip

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