Resilience Project

the 2012 Planet under Pressure Conference

25-29 March 2012 at Excel, London, UK

At this important meeting for Global Environmental Change community, three abstracts from the Resilience Project has been accepted for presentations:

"Dynamics of Social-Ecological Systems: Farmers' Resilience and Food Security in Southern Zambia,"
Umetsu, C., Shinjo H., Sakurai T., Shimada S., Yoshimura M., Lekprichakul T.,
To be presented at Theme A: Meeting Global Needs, Session "Food security: challenges to closing yield, economic and nutritional gaps in sustainable food systems"

"Building Resilience of Tsunami Affected Farm Households in Coastal Regions of India,"
Umetsu C., Lekprichakul T., Palanisami K., Shanthasheela M., Kume T.,
To be presented at Theme C: Governing across Scales Session "Coastal Disasters, Resilience and Adaptation - Examining Successful Strategies" (poster)

"Transdisciplinary Research in Watershed Conservation: Experiences, Lessons, and Future Directions,"
Umetsu C., Taniguchi M., Watanabe T., Yachi S.,
To be presented at Theme A: Meeting Global Needs Session "Challenges of Integration" (poster)

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