The Third Lusaka Resilience Workshop

"Towards Resilience of
Rural Households and Communities"

25-26 August 2011

Tonga Communities


In a semi-arid tropic country with high variations of climatic conditions like that of Zambia, livelihoods of small scale farmers depend critically on the vulnerable rain-fed agriculture. Frequent droughts alternating with floods are becoming norms rather than exceptions. In addition to stressors from the natural environment, rural households are facing with added risks from social and economic changes such as fluctuations of commodity prices, changes in land tenure systems and agricultural policies and underdeveloped market infrastructures. The development and sustainability of rural households and communities requires resilience which is the basic capacity to absorb shocks, to adapt, to learn and reorganize and to innovate so as not to cross the thresholds falling into undesirable states after disturbances.

After years of conducting research in Zambia, the Vulnerability and Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems Project is organizing the 3rd Lusaka Workshop to present its findings and to use this event as a platform for researchers, policy makers and stakeholders to exchange ideas on ways forwards towards translating the findings into tangible policy implementations for resilient rural developments.

Date: 25-26 August 2011
Theme: Towards Resilience of Rural Households and Communities

Kariba Room, Golfview Hotel
Plot 10247, Great East Road, Lusaka 10101, Zambia (Google Map)
Organizers: - The Vulnerability and Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems Project,
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), Japan
- Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI)
Attending the workshop: By invitation only. To attend, please send your request to:
Note: The 26th of August is for the resilience book's contributors only.

Workshop Program for 25th August 2011:

09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-09:35 Opening and welcoming address Ambassador. Akio Egawa Embassy of Japan in Zambia
09:35-09:40 Opening and welcoming address Dr. Richard M. Kamona Director, ZARI
Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems: Project Overview
Asso. Prof. Chieko Umetsu Resilience Project Leader, RIHN
10:00-12:00 Session 1: Political Ecology of Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Variability Session chair:
Prof. Kazuo Hanzawa
Nihon University
Keynote address:
"An Analysis of African Farmers’ Vulnerability: From a Study of a Village in Central Province, Zambia"
Prof. Shuhei Shimada Kyoto University
10:45-11:00 Tea break
11:00-11:20 "Fertilizer and Irrigation in improving Smallholder Food Security: The Case of One Village in Central Zambia" Prof. Shiro Kodamaya Hitotsubashi University
11:20-11:40 "Zambia Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience" Mr. Martin Sishekanu MACO/The Pilot Program on Climate Resilience
11:40-12:00 "Analysis of Meteorological Measurements Made over Three Rainy Seasons and Numerical Simulations in Sinazongwe District, Southern Province in Zambia" Dr. Hiromitsu Kanno National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region (NARC), Japan
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 Session 2: Household Resilience to Social and Environmental Shocks Session chair:
Mr. Moses Mwale
13:00-13:20 "Longitudinal Monitoring Survey on the Growth and Nutritional Status of Tonga Children in Rural Zambia" Asso. Prof. Taro Yamauchi Hokkaido University
13:20-13:40 "Assessment of Household Resilience: The Case of Southern Province, Zambia" Prof. Takeshi Sakurai Hitotsubashi University
13:40-14:00 "Adaptation and Coping Behavior for Food Security in Southern Province" Dr. Yudai Ishimoto RIHN
14:00-14:10 Short break (no tea/refreshment served)
14:10-15:45 Session 3: Ecological-Social Resilience and Food Security Session chair:
Prof. Shuhei Shimada
Kyoto University
14:10-14:30 "Ecological Resilience Under Slash-and-Burn Agriculture and Fallowing in a Miombo Ecosystem in Eastern Province of Zambia" Asst. Prof. Hitoshi Shinjo Kyoto University
14:30-14:50 "Effects of Agro-Forestry Plants in Soil Fertility Restoration and Enhancement Maize Productivity in a Miombo Woodland in the Petauke District of Eastern Zambia" Mr. Sesele B. Sokotela ZARI
14:50-15:10 "Spatial Analysis and Modeling of Food Security" Asso. Prof. Tom Evans Indiana University
15:10-15:30 "Assessment of Vulnerability and Resilience to Food Insecurity in Zambia" Dr. Thamana Lekprichakul RIHN
15:30-15:45 Tea break
15:45-17:00 Discussion "Towards Resilience of Rural Households and Communities" Session chair:
Asso. Prof. Chieko Umetsu

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