RIHN Information Resources Seminar

“Digital Human Geography at Supra-Regional Scales”
日 時
2019年2月28日(木)13:00 - 17:00
場 所
総合地球環境学研究所 セミナー室3・4 (⇒アクセス
主 催
総合地球環境学研究所 情報基盤部門
JSPS KAKENHI 15H01911 “Colonial Modernity in Andes” (PI: Akira Saito),
RIHN Open Team Science Project (PI: Yasuhisa Kondo)
  1. 13:00
  2. Opening

    Chair: Yasuhisa Kondo (RIHN)

  3. 13:10
  4. LOGAR and GeoPACHA: Digital Tools for Generating Regional Perspectives on the Andean Past

    Steven A. Wernke (Vanderbilt University, USA), Parker VanValkenburgh (Brown University, USA), Akira Saito (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

    40 min. presentation + 20 min. discussion

  5. 14:10
  6. RDF Mapping of Toledo’s Resettlement in Andean Region in Late 16th Century

    Akira Saito, Yasuhisa Kondo (RIHN), Nozomi Mizota (Doshisha University), Tomoko Koyama (Kwansei Gakuin University)

    40 min. presentation + 20 min. discussion

  7. 15:10
  8. Break

  9. 15:30
  10. Roads, Transportation Corridors and Telecoupling: Impacts on Land-use/Land-cover Changes in Southeast Asia

    Stephen Leisz (Colorado State University, USA)

    40 min. presentation + 20 min. discussion

  11. 16:30
  12. General Discussion

  13. 17:00
  14. Adjourn

  15. 18:00
  16. Dinner at Kyoto City Center (T.B.A.)

Colca Valley, Peru. (Photo by Akira Saito)

Colca Valley, Peru. (Photo by Akira Saito)

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