Nov 13-17, 2019 The 2nd Asia Forum on Ecohealth Research"Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Era of Post Health Transition"
           NIHU Transdisciplinary Projects: New developments in Ecohealth Research in Asia
   Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Provention
   Eco-Health & Huamn Ecology Committee, the Ecological Society of China     
Nov 3, 2019 The 84th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Health and Human Ecology---Joint Seminar between JSHHE and NIHU-Ecohealth: “Ecohealth: the tranistion of Health Conception”
Aug 8-10,2019 Ecohealth and Health History Seminar (2019FY-07):Health History Research Group, "Historicity of Health"
Jul 18,2019 Ecohealth Seminar (2019FY-06):National University of Singapore, Dr. Yi-Chen Wang, "Human, Snail, Fish, and Waterscape Interactions: Geographic Investigations of Liver Fluke Infections in Thailand"
Jul 17,2019 Ecohealth Seminar (2019FY-05):Osaka Prefecture University, Nakamura Osamu, "Environmental History of Iwakura"
Jun 20,2019 Ecohealth Seminar (2019FY-04):Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,Dr. RUPPRECHT, Christoph,"Multispecies health: multispecies thinking as a response to conceptual challenges of recent microbiome insights"
Jun 20,2019 Ecohealth Seminar (2019FY-03): Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University/Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,Dr. LIN Lin, "Healthy Environment and Healthy Living in Urban China"
May 16, 2019 Ecohealth Seminar (2019FY-02):Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kim Satbyul,"How did People Experience the Change of Funeral: A case Study about Traditional Funeral Preservation Campaign in South Kroea(in Japanese)
Apr 12, 2019 Ecohealth Seminar (2019FY-01):Osaka Prefecture University, Nakamura Osamu,The History of Mental Medical Treament in Rakuhoku Iwakura(in Japanese)
Mar 18-19, 2019 NIHU-Ecohealth Minpaku Unit (co-sponsored) Special Internation Sympodium"Making Food in Human and Natural History"
Jan 12, 2019 NIHU-Ecohealth, Kokubunken Unit (organized):International Sympodium, East Asian Medicine and Anicient Book of Honzo(Chinese Capital Medicine University)
Nov 19, 2018 NIHU-Ecohealth (organized):1st Asia Forum on Ecohealth Research(Haikou, China)
Jul 19, 2018 Ecohealth Research Meeting (2019FY-01):Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,Wang Sha, "RESEARCH on EFFECT of CLIMATE CHANGE on RAPESEED PRODUCITON in CHINA with APSIM"
Jun 17, 2018 NIHU-Ecohealth,Kokubunken Unit(co-sponsored):2018 Kyoto Seminar on the History of Medcine in Japan and China, Open Sympodium"Historical Japanese Books in Asia – Medicine, Science and Agronomy"
Feb 16, 2018 NIHU-Ecohealth(Planning), 31st NIHU Open Sympodium:Ecohealth:Rethinking about the Way of Living ---Environment, Health and Longevity
December 9, 2017 NIHU-Ecohealth & ASSHM Seminar, Joint Review of "Modern and Sanitation" (Edited by Takeshi Nagashima, Tomoo Ichikawa and Wataru Iijima)
November 16, 2017 Co-sponsored Special Seminar, Biodemography
November 11, 2017 NIHU-Ecohealth Planning:Satlite Session in Japan Society of Health and Human Ecology, Rivalry and Integration between Traditional and Modern Health View
Oct 14, 2017 NIHU-Ecohealth, Minpaku-Unit co-sponsored:Watching Party of Taiwan Movie, "Understanding Taiwan by Movie'Zone Pro Site'"
Aug 3, 2017 NIHU-Ecohealth Planning:The 147th RIHN seminar, Review the history of malaria control and environment change in Hainan Island from an Ecohealth perspective
Jul 17, Aug 20, Sep 16, 2017 NIHU-Ecohealrh, Minpaku Unit co-sponsonred:The Realy Lecture for The Taiwan Culture Spotlight Plan(台湾文化光点計画連続講座), "The Food Culture of Taiwan"
Jun 1, 2017 NIHU project New Development in Ecohealth Research in Asia
Website has been updated.
Aug 1, 2016 NIHU project New Development in Ecohealth Research in Asia
Website started.
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