The ICCAP Project finished on March 2007. Thank you very much for your coorperation. The Final Report has just uploaded.

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1. Study aims

The study areas of this project are Seyhan and Ceyhan basins in Turkey, in the arid area on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where we carry out a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of agricultural production system with special reference to land and water management. Its relations to the regional climate, hydrological system in the basins and regional agricultural economy will be evaluated. First the project studies and diagnoses the structure of land and water management. Then it tries to predict the impacts of global warming or climate changes and the adaptability of the production system. In this process, factors such as reactions from farmers, the changes in the regional land management and the effect of the regional policy on food in relation to the global food supply will be taken into account. An integrated assessment of vulnerability of the system will be attempted to identify essential interrelations between various factors and critical values of the factors, which will determine the fate of the system.

2. Research period

Apr.2001 - Mar.2007

3. Core member

Project Leader:
  • WATANABE,Tsugihiro (RIHN)
Core members(Japanese):
  • FUJINAWA, Katsuyuki (Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University)
  • KIMURA, Fujio (Terrestrial Environment Research Center, University of Tsukuba)
  • KOBATA, Tohru (Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Shimane University)
  • TAMAI, Shigenobu (Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University)
  • TUJII, Hiroshi (Graduate School of Agriculture, KyotoUniversity)
  • UMETSU, Chieko (RIHN)
  • YANO, Tomohisa (Professor Emeritus, Tottori University)
  • YATAGAI, Akiyo (RIHN)
Coordinator of the Turkish Team
  • KANBER, Rlza (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cukurova )
Core members(Turkish):
  • KILINCER, Neset (TUBITAK, Turkish team advisor)
  • ALTAN, Turker (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cukurova)
  • AYDIN, Mehmet (Faculty of Agriculture, Mustafa Kemal University)
  • EKMEKCi, Mehmet (Faculty of Engineering, Hacettepe University)
  • ERKAN, Onur (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cukurova)
  • SAYDAM, Cemal (Hacettepe University and TUBITAK)
  • OZEKiCi, Bulent (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cukurova)

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