Research activities

GROUP03Implementation, Outreach
and Policy Proposal Group

Insights obtained from our research
will be used to develop programs for
promoting place-based, small-scale and diversified food production and public outreach programs,
and to make policy suggestions.


  1. 1) Eco-literacy educational program with a focus on cherry salmon at the Hei River area, Iwate Prefecture.
  2. 2) Undergraduate class (Noteki Kurashi) about organic farming at Kyoto Seika University.

TEAMComparative Studies

  1. 1) Urban agriculture program in California in collaboration with educational programs at UC Berkeley.
  2. 2) Phytoremediation program in California using fern plants to remediate soil contamination by arsenic.
  3. 3) Environmental education program about traditional environmental knowledge of the Tlingit people, Northwest Coast.
  4. 4) Traditional environmental and resource management (TERM) program in collaboration with the Amah Mutsun Tribe, California.

This sub-project will work with various stakeholders to promote the importance of effectively utilizing cherry salmon without depleting its stock.