The Sanitation Value Chain: Designing Sanitation Systems as Eco-Community-Value System

“The Sanitation Value Chain: Designing Sanitation Systems as Eco-Community-Value System” (Sanitation Project, FY2017-2021) is
one of the projects of Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), JAPAN.

Generally, “sanitation” refers to the facilities of processing human urine and faeces for the safe disposal.
We try to transform it into one focused on the creation of value.


  • 2021.6.7-8
  • 9th Zambia Water Forum and Exhibition (ZAWAFE 2021)
    - Oral Session

  • 2021.5.23
  • Drone Workshop in Rainy Season 2021
    Online, Japan

  • 2021.5.21
  • The 31st Hokkaido University URA Advanced Seminar / The 10th JINSHA Information Sharing Meeting “Visualization in Transdisciplinary Research”
    Online, Japan

  • 2020.12.9-10
  • Online International Symposium “Sanitation Value Chain 2020”

  • 2020.12.02
  • 4th Sanitation Project and Kochi University Project Joint Workshop
    “Science working with citizens: From the field of sanitation and water / biomass research”

  • 2020.11.28-29
  • Drone Workshop in Autumn 2020
    Online & Mihara city, Japan

  • 2020.9.16
  • 1st Webinar on Sanitation and Health in Lusaka

  • 2020.8.5 / 8.6 / 9.11 / 12.22
  • Webinar “Online Workshop on Exploring New Style for International Joint Field Research with/after COVID-19 between Cameroon and Japan”

  • 2020.7.28
  • Sanitation Seminar Special Lecture “We live in a closed world ultimately”
    Speaker: Prof. Chiho Watanabe (President, National Institute for Environmental Studies)

  • 2020.6.24 / 7.29 / 8.26 / 9.30 / 10.27 / 11.25 / 12.22
  • RIHN-LIPI mini-webinar
    “Exploring new style for international joint field research after/with COVID-19”

  • 2020.6.23
  • 2nd Workshop “Women’s sanitation problem”

  • 2020.5.23-24
  • 57th Conference of Japan Association for African Studies
    - Forum “Co-creating Sanitation in Sub-Sahara Africa”

  • 2019.12.1
  • Workshop “Approaching the Abyss of African Food Culture”
    Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan

  • 2019.11.11
  • 1st Workshop “Women’s sanitation problem”
    RIHN, Kyoto, Japan

  • 2019.10.30
  • 3rd Sanitation Project and Kochi University Project Joint Workshop
    “Think about contributing to the SDGs from a perspective of academia”
    Kochi University, Nangoku, Japan

  • 2019.10.23-24
  • 4th International Symposium on Green Technology for Value Chains (Green VC 2019)

  • 2019.8.27
  • 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7)
    - Symposium “Suggestion for Future Sanitation in Africa: Co-Creating African People and Scientists”

  • 2019.8.26
  • Workshop in Indonesia “Application of composting toilet technology and dissemination of potential uses”
    Babakan Snyar 210 Primary School, Bandung, Indonesia

  • 2019.8.1
  • 1st “Meta Research” Workshop “The ideal ways of interdisciplinary approach considered from cultural differences in the academic field”
    Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

  • 2019.7.18
  • 7th Hokkaido University and RIHN Joint Seminar
    “Considering the Buisiness to Create a Sustainable Society”
    Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

  • 2019.6.10-12
  • 8th Zambia Water Forum and Exhibition (ZAWAFE 2019)
    - Oral Session “Better Health with Sanitation Value Chain”
    - Project Exhibition Booth

  • 2019.6.2
  • Workshop in Brukina Faso “Pour partager la Chaîne de valuer d’assanissement”
    AJPEE, Kongoussi, Brukina Faso

  • 2019.5.19
  • 56th Conference of Japan Association for African Studies
    - Forum “Current status and problems of sanitation research in sub-Saharan Africa”

  • 2019.3.28
  • 6th Visualization Workshop “Experience and Visualization with Virtual Reality”
    RIHN, Kyoto, Japan

  • 2019.2.17
  • Dziko Langa Youth Workshop “Information Transmission”
    Chawama Skills Training Centre, Chawama Youth Project, Lusaka, Zambia

  • 2019.1.26
  • International workshop for Sanitation Value Chain 2019 in Philippine
    “Social Acceptance of New Technology”
    De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines