Biodiversity-driven Nutrient Cycling and Human Well-being in Social-ecological Systems

Project Leader

OKUDA Noboru


Area : Watersheds in Asian developing and developed countries

Core Members
YACHI Shigeo Kyoto University
IWATA Tomoya University of Yamanashi
Ban Syuhei University of Shiga prefecture
OSONO Takashi Kyoto University
TAYASU Ichiro Kyoto University
WAKITA Kenichi Ryukoku University
SANTOS-BORJA, Adelina C. Laguna Lake Development Authority
CID, Abigail P. RIHN
Conceptual schema of adaptive watershed governance

Conceptual schema of adaptive watershed governance

To solve the current nutrient imbalance associated with local and global environmental issues, this project develops a transdisciplinary framework of adaptive watershed governance that can link nutrient cycling and human well-being, and so improve social involvement in biodiversity conservation and environmental restoration, facilitating sustainable socio-ecological systems. It also establishes new methods to evaluate how biodiversity contributes to restoration of natural nutrient cycles and provides a variety of services and values that inspire citizens to practice community-based conservation activities.