Institutional Collaboration FS

Toward the Regeneration of Tropical Peat Land Societies:
Establishment of an International Research Network and Proposal of its Future

Principal Investigator


Kyoto University

Area : Tropical peat swamp forests and degraded area in Southeast Asia

This project focuses on global environmental issues relating to tropical peat swamp forest, a very fragile ecological system with huge amounts of carbon and water. The purpose of this project is to offer perspectives for the “futurability” of tropical peat land society by discussing and implementing appropriate, concrete methods to conserve and utilize the peat swamp. Project research pays marked attention to the ecological and social characteristics of the particular area and local peoples, and reflects such information in the proposal.


Photo1 Fire at the dried degraded peat land. Dried peat land is vulnerable to fire. Even abandoned cigarette butts can start fires there.


Photo2 Tree planting at dried degraded peat land at Riau province, Indonesia. Local people and research team members gather around a recently planted indigenous species.