The 175th RIHN seminar

Date: September 18th, 2019 (Wednesday) 15:00 - 16:30
Place: Seminar Room 3 & 4, RIHN ( → Access)
Lecturer: Roy Bin Wong (RIHN Invited Scholar / Distinguished Professor, UCLA)
Title: Historical and Global Perspectives on Multi-level Water Governance in China
Abstract: China has a long history of water governance. For centuries, the state made efforts to control the Yellow River and administer the Grand Canal, as farmers coordinated their use of water for rice paddy agriculture. Twentieth-century changes in the technologies and economic uses for water overshadow the history of state and local efforts at water governance. Today, most observers of China’s water governance situation view it alongside those of other developing countries. This presentation introduces a preliminary sketch of an additional set of perspectives comparing Chinese multi-level water governance with the approaches adopted in two other spatially large polities with large economies, the E.U. and the U.S. These large economies meet their common water governance challenges in politically distinct ways, with different mixes of institutions developed in historically specific ways. Together their contemporary choices on how to manage water resources make up a major site of economy and environment interaction basic to issues of future sustainability.
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