The 154th RIHN seminar

Date: March 5th, 2018 (Monday) 10:00 - 12:00
Place: Lecture Hall, RIHN( → Access)
Lecturer: Parviz Koohafkan(Invited Scholar RIHN, President, World Agricultural Heritage Foundation)
Title: A Nexus Approach to “Water, Food and Energy for Climate Smart Agriculture

Water, energy and food are essential for human well-being, poverty reduction, food security and sustainable development.

The decisions regarding the allocation and use of these resources are often made without cross-sectoral coordination, targeting sector-specific optimization and, thereby, resulting in risks, wastes and uncertainties across sectors and scales.

A Nexus approach in resource poor countries and particularly in drylands is a design and structured way to address cross- cutting issues related to the water, energy and food particularly in the context of climate change starting with the identification of the inter-linkages of these resources in a given context.

A baseline scenario can be established, considering the current state of natural resources and livelihood assets as well as different Nexus-relevant goals and interests. Based on this, specific interventions can then be assessed and compared for their impacts, using a set of key indicators, all of which should be done in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

A concrete case of nexus approach proposed in North African countries to face the increasing threats of climate change and to adopt and mitigate the effects of climate change funded by Green Climate fund will be presented along with innovative approaches in Climate Smart Agriculture.

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