The 116th RIHN seminar

You are warmly invited to the upcoming RIHN Seminar:

Date: September 2nd, 2015 (Wednesday) 15:00 - 17:00
Place: Lecture Hall, RIHN( → Access)
Lecturer: MANABE Syukurou (Princeton University)
Title: Geographical Pattern of Global Warming and Associated Change in Water Availability
Language: Japanese
Flyer: Click (PDF) Presentation Materials:Click (PDF)
Contact: OTOGAWA Mari (Center for Research Depelopment) E-mail


Referring to the results from global warming experiments conducted by a coupled atmosphere-ocean-land model, this presentation describes the geographical pattern of surface temperature change expected to occur by the end of the 21st century and associated change in water availability such as rate of runoff and soil moisture. It is encouraging that the geographical patterns of these changes have already begun to emerge in observation. Attempt will be made to explain the physical mechanism of these changes based upon the in-depth analysis of the results from the numerical experiments. The impact of the climate change will be discussed toward the end of the presentation.