The 110th RIHN seminar

You are warmly invited to the upcoming RIHN Seminar:

Date: May 13th, 2015 (Wednesday) 13:30 - 14:30
Place: Seminar room 3&4( → Access)

Dr. Asanobu Kitamoto (Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics)


Title: Current issues on the open science and future directions in data platforms for global environment studies
Contact: Dr. Yasuhisa Kondo (Center for Research Promotion) E-mail


Will the “open science” radically change the system of scientific research? The open science is a comprehensive concept to solve various issues in the conventional system of scientific research and therefore it is coveted. However, we should develop a consensus at many issues by reorganizing present problems beyond differences in individual interests. Based on this thought, this lecture overviews the current situation of main concepts of the open science, including open access, open data, reproductivity, data journals, data citation, and citizen science. Then, the lecturer’s recent activities to attach a digital object identifier (DOI) to global environment data in the framework of the Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) are reported. Finally, the lecture suggests a future perspective on data platforms for global environment sciences, through an overview of the “ecosystem” surrounding DOI.