The 3rd Workshop on "Food Life History of the North"

Date: Friday, September 30th, 2022, 8:00 – 14:00
Saturday, October 1st, 2022, 8:00 – 13:00
Venue: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Lecture Hall/Zoom
Audience: Researchers
General public (high school and university students and above) are also welcome to attend
Language: English
Organized: Feasibility Study "Food Life History of Cold Storage of the North Using Natural Freezing Energy
–History, Transformation, and Future Vision of Food Preservation Under the Influence of Global Shift–"
Registration: Pre-registration form

<Day 1>
Sep. 30 (Fri) 8:00–14:00 [AKDT Sep. 29 (Thu) 15:00–21:00]

8:00-8:15 [AKDT 15:00-15:15]

  1. Opening Session
  1. Opening Remark, TBD
  2. Project Overview, Kazuyuki Saito (JAMSTEC)

8:15-11:15 [AKDT 15:15-18:15]

  1. Panel Discussion
  1. “Food Life History”: from Global to Local perspectives
  1. Moderator:
  2. Yu Hirasawa (Archaeology)
  3. Panelist:
  4. Yoko Kugo (Cultural Anthropology)
  5. Michael Koskey (Cultural Anthropology)
  6. Theresa John (Indigenous Studies)
  7. Shirow Tatsuzawa (Ecology)
  8. Go Iwahana (Geocryology)
  9. Kazuyuki Saito (Climatology)

  1. FLH from core members ”disciplines” + Q&A + Summary (45 min)
    (i.e., From perspective of Environmental Sci/Anthropology/Archaeology/Ecology/ [History/Social Science/Politics])

(15 mins break)

Moderator: Yoko Kugo

  1. Potential for/Cases/perspectives from different regions/locals (2 hours)
    (20-min incl. short Q&A, 40-min Discussion)
    • Kimiko Naraki (Sakhalin Ainu, moved from Sakhalin after WWII. Eco-tourism guide)
    • Richard Stoffle (U of Arizona): Cherokee plant gathering practices
    • Naotaka Hayashi (U of Calgary): Greenland subsistence
    • Tuyara Garbieva (NEFU): Food/dietary life and its history in Sakha

12:00-13:50 [AKDT 19:00-20:50]

  1. Session #1 “Tangible aspect of FLH” (tentative)
  2. (Chair: Shirow Tatsuzawa, Go Iwahana)
    • Jambaljav Yamkhin (Ice cellars/cache in Mongolia)
    • Mori Taro (TBD. Effective architecture of ice cellars/ Hokudai)
    • Yuri Zhegusov (Yakutia inland ice cellar/cache situations)
    • Go Iwahana (ice cellars physical survey at Alaska, (e.g. Gambell/Savoonga)
    • Kazuyuki Saito, Go Iwahana (Himuro/snow-house survey in Kanazawa and Kaga, Japan)

13:50-14:00 [AKDT 20:50-21:00]

  1. Wrap-up discussion for the first day sessions

JST October 1 (Sat) 8:00–13:00 [AKDT Sep. 30 (Fri) 15:00–20:00]

8:00-11:00 [AKDT 15:00-18:00]

  1. Session #2 “Intangible aspect of FLH” (tentative)
  2. (Chair: Yoko Kugo, Michael Koskey)
  3. (20-min incl. short Q&A, 40-min Discussion)
    • Steve Oomittuk (Point Hope)
    • Michelle Ravenmoon (Iliamna lake Food lifeway)
    • Myrdene Anderson (researcher with Saami people (since 1970s) /professor/anthropologist)
    • Tayana Arakchaa (Siberia Tuva food security)

(20 mins break)

11:20-12:50 [AKDT 18:20-19:50]

  1. Plenary discussion
  2. (Chair: Kazuyuki Saito)
  1. “What is Food Life History, and next steps?”

12:50-13:00 [AKDT 19:50-20:00]

  1. Workshop closing
  1. Comments from Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
  2. Closing Remark, Kazuyuki Saito

The 3rd Workshop Program.pdf

Contact: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
SAITO Kazuyuki (Project Leader)
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