Short movie about Transdisciplinarity

Co-creation project released an animated movie on Transdisciplinarity on YouTube.

Transdisciplinarity (TD) is increasingly recognized as an important concept in addressing the environmental issues and the number of transdisciplinary research (TDR) is on the rise. However, while it has a long history in Europe, in many countries including Japan, the term is not yet widely known.

It is important that in TDR projects, the participants (researchers and the stakeholders) have basic common understanding about the approach that the team is undertaking,

Co-creation project created this video to help understand the concept and the basic processes about TD. The video covers the following topics:
 l What is TD and TDR?
 l Why is TD important?
 l How does it differ from multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity?
 l What is the research process involved in the typical TDR project?

For details, please check the co-creation project website: