Seeing the knowledge
Environmental experience and the humanities

The workshop asks of the descriptive forms capable of conveying deep human experience of nature, and how these forms can invigorate humanistic scholarship of sustainable human-environmental interactions for the future.

Date & Hours: 21 October 9:00-18:00 // 22 October 9:30-13:00 // 2019
Place: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Kyoto, Japan ( →Access)
Organized: RIHN FS "Humanities for the Environment: developing a cultural approach to environmental knowledge"

Organized with support of the Center for Innovation in Traditional Industries, Seika University; Kyoto University
Invited speakers include:
  • Steven Hartman (Mälardalen U. Sweden)
  • Patrick Degeorges (U. of Lyon, France)
  • Yoann Moreau (Ecole des Mines, France)
  • Frederic Joulian (EHESS, France)
  • Masahiro Terada (RIHN, Japan)
  • Peter Matthews (Minpaku, Japan)
  • Anick Coudart (CNRS, France)
Contact: Daniel NILES E-mail