Habitatscape on Terra:Towards a Mesological Understanding of Humanity and Nature, Symposium and Research Colloquium on the Themes from Augustin Berque's “Histoire de l'habitat idéal”

From the beginning of the history, humanity has dwelt on terra. They have changed places of non-habitat to that of habitat for more than tens of thousands years. Their praxis changed the terra, and, hence, it means that they changed the Earth. Under the new notion of the Anthropocene this process is being reexamined recently.

In this symposium and research colloquium dedicated to the publication of the Japanese translation of Augustin Berque’s book on habitation as one of the titles of RIHN Scientific Series, we examine the way humanity has lived and will live on our terra under the new perspective.

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Date & Hours: Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 13:30 - 16:00
Thursday, March 16, 2017, 9:30 - 18:00
Venue: March 15 : Heartpia Kyoto( →Access)
March 16 : Lecture Hall, RIHN( →Access)
Host: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Contact: RIHN Center, KISHIMOTO Sayaka E-mail 


    March 15, 13:30 - 16:00
    Venue: The main conference room(3rd floor),Heartpia Kyoto,Kyoto city
    Language: Japanese
  1. Opening(13:30)
  2. Lecture1(13:40 - 14:25)
  3. Tetsuzo Yasunari(Director-General, RIHN)

  4. Lecture2(14:25-15:10)
  5. Augustin Berque (Philosopher, EHESS, France)

  6. Break(15:10-15:25)
  7. Conversation, Question & Answer(15:25 - 15:55)
  8. Closing(15:55)
  9. March 16, 9:30 - 18:00
    Venue: RIHN Lecture Hall, Kyoto
    Language: English/Japanese(No simultaneous interpretation)
  10. Opening (9:30)
  11. Augustin Berque (Philosopher, EHESS, France)

    Masahiro Terada (Visiting Associate Professor, RIHN)

  12. Ⅰ.Habitatscape: technē (9:35 - 12:35)
  13. Ken-ichi Abe (Professor, RIHN)

     From Anécoumène to Écoumène

    Benoit Hazard (Researcher CNRS & Associate professor at EHESS)

     Housingscape on the Move: How the material culture of "development" reshape the human-nature relationship of an rural Africa of Kenya and Burkina Faso

    Shun Ishiyama (Researcher, RIHN)

     Landscape Change in Water Supply System in the Sahara Oasis

    Gan Jingchao(Researcher, RIHN Initiative for Chinese Environmental Issues)

     Vitalizing the Vanishing Traditional Local Food: A case study in Nagano

    Terukazu Kumazawa (Associate Professor, RIHN), Kaoru Kamatani(Researcher, RIHN),
    Michinori Kimura(Senior Researcher, Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute, Shiga Prefecture)

     Dividing, Communicating and Sharing from the case of measures for community development, Takashima city, Shiga Prefecture

    Yutaka Mimura (Research Associates, RIHN)

     Vernacular Millennium Architecture

  14. Ⅱ. Habitatscape: Body 【Film / slide presentation and talk】(13:15 - 13:45)
  15. Shin-ichi Wade (Artist / Special Technical Staff, RIHN)

     A Body Stands on the Field: Falling down through the Bottom of this “human world”

  16. Ⅲ. Habitatscape: logos (13:45 - 15:15)
  17. Masahiro Terada (Visiting Associate Professor, RIHN)

     Narrating History, Narrating Evolution: Temporality for Humanity and Living Beings

    Hiroshi Miki (Researcher, RIHN)

     Analogue from Physics and Mathematics Points of View

    Yoann Moreau (Assistant Professor, École des Mines ParisTech / Center for Research on Risks and Crisis)

     From milieu to mediance, with some sketches for a“mesography”

  18. Ⅳ.Habitatscape: Vision / Imagery (15:30 - 17:30)
  19. Tomohiro Oh (Researcher, RIHN)

     Groundwater as Milieu: A study on the moment of imagination from a well

    Nahoko Shimada (Research Associate, RIHN)

     Vanish of the Sacred Place: The way to close the Fudo

    Daniel Niles (Associate Professor, RIHN)

     Essential elements: tracing tangible and intangible landscapes

    Emmanuel Marès (Associate Fellow, Nara National Institute for Cultural Property)

     What Are You Looking for in a Garden?

  20. Ⅴ. Conversation (17:30 - 18:00)
  21. Commentator: Augustin Berque

    Moderator: Masahiro Terada (Visiting Associate Professor, RIHN)