Dr. Fukushima (Emeritus Professor, RIHN)
wins 2015 “Meritorious Deed Award” of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources.

On September 10th, 2015, Emeritus Professor Yoshihiro Fukushima was awarded the Meritorious Deed Award of the Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources for his significant academic achievements in hydrological science and great contributions to society.

Professor Fukushima’s early investigations conducted long-term observation and numerical modelling on the effects of forests on hydrological cycle and sediment transport in mountainous watersheds of Japan. His findings advanced both the theoretical and fundamental bases of forest hydrology.

Next, he contributed to the “Global Energy and Water Exchange Program, Asia Monsoon Experiment” (GAME) that was an international research project implemented in the late 1990s in order to examine the role of the Asian monsoon in the global energy and water cycle and to improve simulation and seasonal prediction of Asian monsoon patterns and regional water resources. As Japanese national secretary of the GAME project, he organized the inter-disciplinary project with researchers in such fields as river engineering, geography, meteorology, agriculture and forest science, contributing to GAME’s success.

After joining RIHN, he led RIHN’s research project entitled “Recent Rapid Change of Water Circulation in the Yellow River and Its Effects on Environment”, focusing on effects of both climate change and human-induced factors affecting the Yellow River. He published the achievements of the project in the volume “Koga Danryu (The Drying-up of the Yellow River)”, which was awarded 62nd Mainichi Publishing Culture Award in 2008, promoting public awareness about the importance of hydrological science.

His career research achievements have considerably advanced the reputation and achievements of Japanese and international water resources science.