Fourth Workshop on Future Earth in Asia
-Perspectives from the South-

Date & Hours: Thursday, November 19, 2015, 9:30 – 17:30
Venue: Lecture Hall, RIHN ( → Access)
Organized: Future Earth Unit
Language: English
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Reservation: Please provide your name, affiliation and e-mail to E-mail by 17hrs 9 November 2015.
Maximum capacity: 30


On 19 November 2015, RIHN will be hosting the 4th International Workshop on Future Earth in Asia. The theme of the workshop is “Perspectives from the South", considering how Future Earth can be developed and implemented in developing regions and what contributions to equitable and sustainable development it can make there. Earlier workshops on Future Earth in Asia have mostly considered Asia-wide commonalities, and identified research priorities have tended to gloss over the constraints and needs in countries with less well-endowed research systems. This workshop will attempt to begin address some of these issues.

The workshop will consist of two sessions, the first broadly addressing issues relating to stakeholder engagement and the second organized around the theme of biodiversity and natural resources. We are expecting about 50 participants, including Future Earth Science and Engagement Committee members, researchers from RIHN and Kyoto University, other universities and research institutes, as well as stakeholders.

Program (subject to change)

  1. 9:30-9:40
  2. Opening Remarks

    Session 1: Stakeholder Engagement
  3. 9:40-10:00
  4. Farooq Ullah, Future Earth Engagement Committee

  5. 10:00-10:20
  6. Tetsu Sato, RIHN

  7. 10:20-10:40
  8. Hassan Virig, START

  9. 10:40-11:00
  10. Break

  11. 11:00-12:30
  12. Panel Discussion

    Session 2: Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  13. 13:30-13:50
  14. Sandra Díaz, Future Earth Science Committee

  15. 13:50-14:10
  16. Noboru Okuda, RIHN

  17. 14:10-14:30
  18. Cheikh Mbow, Future Earth Science Committee

  19. 14:30-16:00
  20. Panel Discussion

  21. 16:20-17:20
  22. Overall discussion

  23. 17:20-17:30
  24. Closing Remarks