The Locality of “Health”:
Traditional/ Folk Medicine, People’s Health and the Environment

Dates: 22 (Sun), March, 2015, 11:00-17:30
Venue: Room H, Kyoto International Conference Center( → Access)
Organiser: NIHU-Ecohealth Project
(Preparatory Inter-Institutional Research Project, National Institutes for the Humanities)
Languages: English
Contact: Yuki Fukushi Research Institute for Humanity and NatureE-mail

Today, in a globalizing world, we are faced with a complex and evolving set of health challenges. On the one hand, modern industrial and transport development continue to threaten health through various forms of pollution, while global environmental change gives rise to new communicable diseases and pandemic risk. In large parts of the world, the combination of “traditional” infectious diseases and “modern” lifestyle-related health problems constitute a “double burden” on the health of populations and the capacity of health systems. At the same time, societal ageing is stretching the limits of modern (”Western”) medicine and health care financing systems. The NIHU-Ecohealth Project strives to provide a platform for researchers from different institutions and disciplines to gather and explore some of these issues from a variety of perspectives. In this workshop, we will be exploring the “locality” of health and the relationships between concepts of health and local cultures and societies through a number of case studies of “traditional” or “folk” health and healing practices in a globalizing context.


  1. 11:00-11:10
    Opening Address and Explanation of Workshop Purpose
  2. Hein Mallee (RIHN)

  3. 11:10-11:40
    View of the Body and Eating Pandanus in Papua New Guinea
  4. Kiyoshi Tadokoro (Akita University)

  5. 11:40-12:10
    Medical Treatment Depending on Horoscope, Moon Age, Directions and Demons: Practice of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka
  6. Ayami Umemura (JSPS/ Kyoto University)

  7. 12:10-13:10
  8. 13:10-13:40
    The Role of Traditional Knowledge and Practices in Health and Environment and Climate Change
  9. Jaime Galvez-Tan (University of the Philippines)

  10. 13:40-14:10
    Traditional Medicine Reflecting Cultural and Geographic Diversity in Yunnan, China
  11. Kaining Zhang (Yunnan Health and Development Research Association)

  12. 14:10-14:50
    Past and Present of Korean Traditional Medicine
  13. Hyunsook LEE (Yonsei University)

  14. 14:50-15:10
  15. 15:10-15:40
    Traditional Childbirth and View of the Body in India
  16. Mizuho Matsuo (National Museum of Ethnology)

  17. 15:40-16:10
    Health professionals caught in between Western concepts and Javanese practices
  18. Rosalia Sciortino (Mahidol University)

  19. 16:10-16:20
  20. 16:20-17:30
    General Discussion
  21. Chair: Hein Mallee (RIHN)

  22. ● 20 minutes presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion