Public Announcement for FY2013 Incubation Studies (IS) Application Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN)

I. Background Information

   The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) is an inter-university research institute established in 2001 by the Japanese government to promote integrated research with a view toward creating academic disciplines that help to solve global environmental problems.
   Until recently, many environmental studies have been undertaken individually in various scientific fields. Proclaiming since its inception that “global environmental problems have their origin in human-cultural issues,” RIHN has pursued its mission of elucidating the essence of environmental problems and presenting an integrated view of the state of humanity and nature.
   In an attempt to shed light on the question of “human-nature interactions,” RIHN is involved in research work in various issues and areas. Having identified our five research domains of “circulatio”, “diversity”, “resources”, “ecohistory”, and “ecosophy”, we are pursuing research projects under a diverse range of themes. In the goals/plans for the Second Phase of Mid-term Planning that began in FY2010, we aim to reveal the true nature of global environmental problems by developing consilience that combines the research domain programs with futurability initiatives, thus launching a series of projects geared toward designing a future society under a new paradigm.

II. Application Guidelines

1. Descriptions of Incubation Studies
   Incubation Studies (IS) are projects jointly conducted by RIHN researchers and researchers affiliated with other research institutes for the purpose of discovering new seeds for integrated research designed to offer solutions to global environmental problems. Under RIHN’s research project structure, IS will be subjected to an evaluation of several stages. First, IS will be commenced for a period of six to twelve months and then it will be considered to be promoted to a stage of preparatory research (a stage of coordinating feasibility studies, hereinafter, “Coordination FS”). After the upgrade to Coordination FS is approved following an internal project review, research will continue for another six or twelve months. If qualified by RIHN’s internal project review and the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC), which comprises reviewers from Japan and other countries, the proposed project may be developed into a full research project with the RIHN Board of Advisors’ approval.
   We are currently inviting researchers for joint research under the framework of IS that would seek approval to be upgrade to Coordination FS stage in either October 2013 or April 2014, and then aim to be promoted to a Coordination Research Project based on the results of evaluation at the end of the relevant fiscal year.

2. Eligibility
   1) Professors, associate professors, lecturers, and assistant professors of national, public, and private universities, and other relevantinstitutions/centers.
   2) Those acknowledged by the RIHN Director-General as being equivalent or superior to those in 1) above in their ability to promote research.

3. Project theme
   A project theme shall be chosen after preliminary discussions with RIHN’s research and education staff and in accordance with the RIHN Mission and Goals explained in RIHN Prospectus, on our website, and etc. (See “ΙΙ. 7. References” for more details)

4. Research period
   From May 2013 to the end of February 2014 (If promoted to Coordination FS in October 2013, IS will be deemed complete at that time).

5. Necessary expenses
   For successful applicants, RIHN will cover travel expenses, supplies expenses, etc. within the limits of its budget. Please form budget planning for about 1 million yen from 300,000 yen per affair. (Such subsidies may not be used for purchasing supplies the value of which is over JPY100,000)

6. Schedule after application (subject to change)
• Review of documents Tuesday, April 9, 2013
• Research Presentations (w/ interviews with successful applicants) Tuesday, April 16, 2013
• Review for adoption Tuesday, April 23, 2013
• Commencement of research Wednesday, May 1, 2013
• IS Reporting/FS Promotion Presentations Friday, September 6, 2013
• Decision for promotion to FS (for the October term) Wednesday, September 25, 2013
• RIHN Research Project Presentations* Wednesday, December 4 — Friday, December 6, 2013
*If promoted to Coordination FS in October, FS research results must be presented.
• IS Reporting/FS Promotion Presentations Friday, March 7, 2014
• Decision for promotion to FS Friday, March 7, 2014

7. References
   Please use the following links to download the reference materials.

  • Basic Policies on Research Activities of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature: Attached
  • Mission and Goals: RIHN website
  • Founding Mission and Goals: RIHN website
  • Reviewing and Implementation Process of the Research Projects: RIHN website
  • Rules for Research Projects of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature: Attached
  • Operational Rules for Research Projects of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature: Attached
  • IS and FS Review Procedural Manual of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature: Attached

III. Submission of Application Forms

1. Documents to be submitted
   Please use the following links to download the application forms, etc.

2. Due date:
   Applications must arrive no later than Thursday, April 4, 2013.

3. Sent to:
   International Affairs Subsection, Research Cooperation Section,
   Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
   457-4, Motoyama, Kamigyo, Kita-ku, Kyoto, 603-8047 JAPAN

IV. Submission of Application Forms

   The RIHN Project Review Task Committee will screen the application including budget planning. The project proposals that passed the document review will be subjected to a general reviewing process, which includes a public hearing with participation of RIHN members, before a final decision is made by the RIHN Executive Board.

V. Others

  • Travel expenses to attend Research Presentations (w/interviews with successful applicants) shall be at your own expense.
  • If you are not a research or education staff member at RIHN, please consult with any staff member of RIHN well before preparing your application documents, and state the name(s) of those members in the application form. If your project proposal is accepted as IS, RIHN will appoint an "incubator" (advisor) from its staff to provide necessary advice on the research design, methods, organization and other matters of your IS proposal.
  • If your proposal is accepted as IS, a research representative (the applicant) will be required to present an IS report and FS research plan at the IS Reporting/Domain-based FS Promotion Presentations (See “II. 6. Schedule after application” above). Please be reminded that the IS report could be disclosed.
  • When your IS has been promoted to Coordination FS, the research representative is required to assume a position as Visiting Professor or Visiting Associate Professor at RIHN (Coordination FS duration of six to twelve months). Also, when Coordination FS has been promoted to a full research project, the leader is required to assume a position as full-time Professor or Associate Professor at RIHN.
  • If your proposal is accepted as IS, the research representative is able to apply for Initiative-based FS (Feasibility Studies for Initiative-based project) seeds. Initiative-based FS seeds will be selected to Initiative-based FS candidates through RIHN’s internal discussion which may last six to twelve months as coordinated by the Core Research Hub. Applications can be received in April and October in 2013. Initiative FS candidates will be selected to Initiative-based FS after another review. Please be reminded that Initiative-based projects and FS may be directed or modified by RIHN, including the election of the project leader or pertaining to the project plan as a whole.
  • Acceptance of an outside researcher to RIHN as a full-time Professor or Associate Professor will require a temporary transfer agreement or a relevant documentation between RIHN and the research representative’s affiliated institute.
  • Inquiries
    International Affairs Subsection, Research Cooperation, Research Cooperation Section, Administrative Office
    Tel: +81-75-707-2152

For the information about Initiative-based projects, please follow the contact information below
Head, Core Research Hub
Tel: +81-75-707-2391