Yaman ng Lawa: Adaptive Co-Management for Sustainable Use of the Wealth of Laguna Lake

Date: Nobember 7-8, 2013
Venue: BP International Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna ( → Access)
Organizers: • RIHN "Managing Environmental Risks to Food and Health Security in Asian Watersheds" Project
• University of the Philippines-Manila
• University of the Philippines-Los Baños
• Laguna Lake Development Authority
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About the Forum:

The Community Forum which is on its second year, will take off from where the Community Forum of 2012 has culminated.

In 2012, the Lake HEAD Project Team launched the YAMAN ng Lawa as an active adaptive co–management approach for the sustainable management and utilization of lake resource. It was designed as a platform for Laguna de Bay stakeholders to identify and provide solutions to the major issues confronting the Lake. Based on the understanding that environmental protection / conservation and development can be co-exist, this social experiment brings together different stakeholders to take action for the sustainable development and use of lake resource. It gives importance to three key elements: (1) the participation of the community throughout the entire process, especially on lake management. (2) the value given to both traditional or local knowledge and modern technologies in the search for solutions to the problems of the lake, and (3) the use of active adaptive co–management as the approach for ensuring the sustainable utilization of Lake resources.

This year’s Forum aims to engage communities, scientific institutions, environmental experts, and practitioners in the discussion of an adaptive co-management system to address the major issues related to waste management, eco-restoration, and the community-based management of ecologically-related disease. These issues will be tackled in three concurrent sessions.

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