Science Communication

As a national research institute, RIHN is expected to conduct exemplary science. It also must communicate its research agenda and results to the public and contribute to public awareness and discussion of contemporary environmentalism. A number of public symposia, seminar series, and publications are designed to reach specialist and general audiences. Recent activities and publications include:

The Earth Forum Kyoto and the Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto Award

The Earth Forum Kyoto invites world-renowned experts and activists to discuss the environmental and cultural bases of more responsible human societies. The Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto Award is given to those who have made exemplary contributions to the protection of the global environment. Organizers of the event are the International Institute for Advanced Studies, the Kyoto International Conference Center, and RIHN.

The 2013 recipient of the Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto Award was Dr. MIYAWAKI Akira, Director of Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology (JISE) and Emeritus Professor of Yokohama National University.


RIHN Forum

The RIHN Forum is usually held at the Kyoto International Conference Center and is open to the general public. Since 2004 the proceedings were published as books intended for a general audience.

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RIHN International Symposium

An annual symposium at RIHN describing the key findings of concluding RIHN research projects.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Gutscher, Professor Emeritus of Social Psychology at the University of Zurich, giving the 2013 keynote address

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RIHN Public Seminars

Public seminars are held throughout the year at RIHN or in the city center.

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RIHN Regional Community Seminars

RIHN Regional Community Seminars take place in, and address specific environmental issues pertaining to, a particular part of Japan.

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RIHN Seminars

This seminar series is oriented towards researchers at RIHN, inviting a wide range of visiting scholars to present their most current research.

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RIHN Book Series: Global Environmental Studies

RIHN has partnered with Springer Publishers to establish the Global Environmental Studies book series. Titles in the series will reflect the full breadth of RIHN scholarship.

Other publishing

The Humanity and Nature Newsletter presents short articles in Japanese describing recent developments and discussions at the institute as well as emerging stories from the field. It is published six times a year in editions of 3000.

The 14th Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons

RIHN was co-organizer of the 14th Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), which took place 3-7 June 2013 on the common lands located on at the base of the grand slope of Mt. Fuji. Fuji-san was an undeniable presence throughout the conference, surprising to see again and again looming above the conference venues, events, and city streets in all its majestic stature and silence. The first IASC conference to be co-organized by commoners and take place on common lands, the conference attracted over 400 participants from 57 different countries, and involved a full complement of plenary and paper sessions, workshops, field trips, performances, and other events. By all accounts it was a great success, with many participants thrilled at the chance to experience small-town and semi-rural Japan and learn of the rich history of the commons there. Thousands of local people contributed to the conference as direct participants in academic sessions and in many other ways that lent the conference a special human touch.