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"Water Productivity and Emission Factor as the Essential Indicators to Improve Water Management in Paddy Field"


日  時: 2013年7月25日(木)12:15-13:15
場  所: 総合地球環境学研究所 セミナー室3・4 (矢印アクセス
題  目: Water Productivity and Emission Factor as the Essential Indicators to Improve Water Management in Paddy Field
発表者: セティアワン・ブディ・インドゥラ
(ボゴール農科大学土木環境工学部 教授)
In the era of climate change where water resource has become more uncertain, the utilization of the water resource in paddy field has met numerous challenges. While the demand for higher rice yield continues to increase, the escalating demand for water in the other sectors has put paddy field in the first list of priority to reduce its water use.
The new challenge now is how to boost rice production with less water which means increasing the water productivity. Furthermore, since paddy field is also perceived as carbon source, another challenge is how to decrease the emission factor. Alternating wetting and drying (AWD) is one of the common watering method to reduce the water use instead of the continuous flooding. This paper describes another try by decreasing the water table gradually and its consequences on paddy growth, rice yield, water productivity and emission factor. The paddy field chosen for this study was applying the system of rice intensification (SRI) located in Sukabumi, West Java Indonesia.
The results show that the gradual decrease of the water table could lower GHG emission but hindered paddy growth and rice yield which resulted in lower water productivity and higher emission factor. The water table maintained close to the soil surface was the most favourable condition since resulted in the highest yield and water productivity, and the lowest emission factor. This research result is valuable to improve water management in the field scale and needs to disseminate to all parties concerned, such as the stakeholders of the integrated water resource management.
Key Words:
water management, paddy field, water table, rice yield, water productivity, emission factor.
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