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Project on Amur-Okhotsk Project

No. 6 , 2010, ed. by T. Shiraiwa, 325pp. No. 5 , 2009, ed. by T. Shiraiwa, 222pp. No. 4 , 2007, ed. by T. Shiraiwa, 216pp. No. 3, 2005, ed. by T. Shiraiwa, 147pp.
Proceedings of the International Kyoto Symposium 2005.
No.2, 2004, ed. by H. Narita and T. SHiraiwa
Proceedings of the Kyoto Workshop 2004.
Report on Amur-Okhotsk Project Report No. 1, 2003 is published in Japanese.

Academic Papers
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Okhotsk Amur Booklet
published by Ministry of Land,Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, from the symposium
in Japanese in Chinese in Russian in English
International Symposium on “Environmental Conservation of the Sea of Okhotsk:
Cooperation between Japan, China and Russia”

★Joint Declaration is approved in the symposium.
1. English  2. Chinese 3. Russia 4.Japanese

Amur Okhotsk Project Pamphlet

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Publification of Russian and Chinese members
A.M. Mordovin, V.P.Shesterkin, A.L.Antonov (2006)THE BUREYA RIVER, HYDROLOGY, HYDROCHEMISTRY, FISH FAUNA, /Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch, Institute of Water and Ecology Problems, ed. by V.P.Shesterkin,Khabarovsk,FEB RAS, 2006.149p

A.N.Makhinov (2006) PRESENT RELIEF FORMATION IN THE CONDITIONS OF ALLUVIAL ACCUMULATION /Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch,?Institute of Water and Ecology Problems, Vladivostok, Dalnauka, 2006.232p.

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S.S. GANZEY 2005
Editor Academician RAS, professor P.Ya. Baklanov
Reviewers Yu.B. Zonov, Dr. V.V. Yermoshin
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