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  Symposiums and NEWS
2010 1.19-20. Closing Symposium of the Amur Okhotsk Project RIHN, Kyoto
2009 11.7.-8. International Symposium on “Russo-Chino-Japanese cooperation toward the environmental conservation of the Sea of Okhotsk” (Hokkaido Univ.)  ----> The Program HP
newJoint Declaration is approved.(pdf file)
Hokkaido Univ.
  10.20-22. RIHN International Symposium on “Dilemma of Boundaries-Toward a New Concept of Catchment-“ (RIHN, Kyoto) ----> The Outline RIHN, Kyoto
  9.6-12. International Conference on “Land cover and land use changes in North East Asia: problems of sustainable nature management” (Vladiostok, Russia) ----> HP ---> The Program(pdf) Vladiostok, Russia
  3.28. International Symposium on “Hazard and Benefit of a Northern River: The Amur River and the Impact of Land Use Changes” organized by Association of Japanese Geographers (AJG) Teikyo Uni., Tokyo
  2.28-3.1. INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ”Regional Public Sphere and Environment in Slavic Eurasia and Japan” organized by RIHN and Slavic Research Center(SRC), Hokkaido University
RIHN, Kyoto
2008 11.17. Amur Okhotsk Project is registered by GLP (Global Land Project)
2007 9 17. - 21. Announcement on Second Far Eastern International Economic Forum, Khabarovsk (Shiraiwa)

Россия September

2006 Year 2006 The Amur-Okhostk Project is registered in "The agreement of international cooperation for the science and technology with Russia".  
2005 June 2005. The Japan Journal Vol.2 (p.30)  
  Album from field works and meetings
2007 FR4     
2008.3.16. - 21
The meeting with the Chinese joint researchers.
The meeting with the joint researchers from NEIGAE, IAE, China (at RIHN, in Kyoto) ....inviting Prof.Yan Baixing、Prof.Chen Xin, Prof.Chen Lijun and Chi Guabgyu
2006 FR2     
2006.9. 4-15
Research trip to the Gassi lake
Research Trip to the Amur Terrestrial, Gassi Lake, Khabarovsk, Russia
Research trip to Sangjyang plain
Research trip to Sangjyang plain, China
GIS meeting on Amur-river basin
GIS meeting on Amur-river basin with Prof.Ganzey and Dr.Emorshin invited from Pacific Institute of Geography (at RIHN, in Kyoto)
2003 PR    
Research trip to visit Russian Institutes

Reserch trip to Pacific Geographical Institute, FEBRAS, Vladivostok and Institute of Water and Ecological Problems, FEBRAS, Khabarovsk, Russia
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