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Vulnerability and Transformation of Indonesian Peatlands

As a key research result of the RIHN Tropical Peatland Society Research Project (2017-2021), this book provides in-depth description and analysis of the factors associated with peatland vulnerability, degradation and rehabilitation in Indonesia. It includes data and discussion based on field studies conducted over more than a decade into agrarian, social, and ecosystem change, carbon emissions, water control, timber use, the rise of palm oil production, incidence of fire, and efforts at revegetation. It examines the meanings of social-ecological resilience in peatlands ecosystems, and explores local knowledge related to past institutions and governance of peat-swamp forests, as well as those related to current transformations of the region.

Publication Information Editors: Kosuke Mizuno, Osamu Kozan, Haris Gunawan
Publisher: Springer Nature
Published date: 29 March 2023
Link https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-99-0906-3

RIHN Book Series