Resilience Project Members received Best Poster Award at the World Water Week 2012

On 31st August 2012, members of Resilience Project “Vulnerability and Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems” received the Best Poster Award from the World Water Week 2012 Scientific Program Committee.

This award was given to the poster presentation at the World Water Week 2012: Water and Food Security by Chieko Umetsu, visiting associate professor of RIHN. The title of the poster was “Building farmers' resilience to food insecurity in Southern Zambia under rainfall variability” co-authored by Chieko Umetsu, Yudai Ishimoto, Hiromitsu Kanno, Thamana Lekprichakul, Hidetoshi Miyazaki, Takeshi Sakurai, Hitoshi Shinjo, and Taro Yamauchi.

The final selection was made from 60 poster presenters selected from 650 abstracts submitted to the conference. The criteria of the selection were 1) design, 2) contents and message along with the conference theme, and 3) scientific merit. Especially the poster submitted by the resilience project was highly evaluated because it was along with the conference theme “Rainfed production under rainfall variability”, made empirical and quantitative assessment of resilience in rural Zambia, and provided strategies to enhance resilience.


Photo by WWW

Video      (Closing Plenary 5:45-10:55)