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1st International Conference on
“Global Warming and the Human-Nature Dimension in Siberia: Social Adaptation to the Changes of the Terrestrial Ecosystem, with an Emphasis on Water Environments”

温暖化するシベリアの自然と人 −水環境をはじめとする陸域生態系変化への社会の適応−」プロジェクトでは、下記の要領で国際シンポジウムを開催いたします。


日  時: 2012年3月7日-9日
会  場: 総合地球環境学研究所 講演室 (アクセス)
言  語: 英語
備  考: ポスター(PDF)
Wednesday 7 March (Location: RIHN Lecture Hall)
9:30Opening ceremony

Yo-ichiro Sato (Deputy Director-General of RIHN) (opening address)
Tetsuya Hiyama (introducing objectives of the conference)

[Session 1] Water and carbon budgets at plot scale (chaired by Yuji Kodama)
9:50(keynote speech)
“The main results of 20-year-old joint studies between Russia and Japan on a changing climate and permafrost in north-east Siberia, Russia”

Trofim C. Maximov

10:15“Seasonal variation of linkage between net ecosystem exchange of H2O and CO2 over boreal forest at eastern Siberia”

Ayumi Kotani, Takeshi Ohta, Trofim C. Maximov

10:40“Key features of soil CO2 efflux in taiga larch forests of central and south-eastern Yakutia”

Roman Petrov, Alexander V. Kononov, Trofim C. Maximov

11:20“Snowmelt heat balance of the snowpack in a larch forest in eastern Siberia”

Yuji Kodama

11:45“Simulation of soil water and temperature in eastern Siberian taiga forests by a one-dimensional land-surface model”

Takeshi Yamazaki

12:10“Changes in relationship between larch tree growth and climate in eastern Siberia over past 100 years”

Shunsuke Tei, Atsuko Sugimoto, Hitoshi Yonenobu, Trofim C. Maximov

13:00Lunch and poster presentations
[Session 2] Water and carbon cycles in regional-continental scale
(chaired by Eddy Moors)
14:00(keynote speech)
“Feedback mechanisms between the water and carbon cycle at a regional scale”

Eddy Moors

14:25“Seasonal and interannual variations of the Lena River discharge and those relationships with atmospheric water cycle”

Kazuhiro Oshima, Tetsuya Hiyama

14:50“Interannual variation of summer hydro-climate in eastern Siberia”

Tetsuzo Yasunari, Tatsuro Watanabe, Hatsuki Fujinami

15:30“Ecosystem function of taiga-tundra boundary in eastern Siberia”

Atsuko Sugimoto

15:55“Simulation study of the vegetation structure and function in eastern Siberian larch forests using the individual- based vegetation model SEIB-DGVM”

Hisashi Sato

16:20Discussion, closure at 17:00
Thursday 8 March (Location: RIHN Lecture Hall)
[Session 3] Permafrost degradation and greenhouse gases emission
(chaired by Jacobus (Ko) van Huissteden)
9:00(keynote speech)
“Landcover classification of the Great Vasyugan mire for estimation of methane emission”

I. Kleptsova, M. Glagolev, E. Lapshina, S. Maksyutov

9:25“Validation of methane emission model using eddy covariance observations and footprint modeling”

A. Budishchev, Y. Mi, A. Gallagher, J. van Huissteden, G. Schaepman A.J. Dolman, T.C. Maximov

9:50“Increased greenhouse gas emission from thaw ponds in Siberian arctic tundra on continuous permafrost”

Angela Gallagher, Bingxi Li, Artem Budishchev, Jacobus van Huissteden, Monique Heijmans

10:30“Ecosystem recovery: a neglected factor in carbon release by permafrost degradation”

Jacobus (Ko) van Huissteden, Angela Gallagher, Artem Budishchev

10:55“Removal of Betula nana causes permafrost degradation and triggers changes in geomorphology and hydrology”

Ake Nauta, Monique Heijmans, Daan Blok, Frank Berendse

11:20“Analysis of water, heat and carbon balances over the Siberia region by using biosphere model BEAMS”

Kazuki Aiba, Takahiro Sasai, Yasushi Yamaguchi

12:15Lunch and poster presentations
13:15RIHN tour
[Session 4] Permafrost landscape and groundwater regime
(chaired by Alexander Fedorov)
14:00(keynote speech)
“Permafrost landscapes response to recent climate changes in eastern Siberia”

Alexander Fedorov

14:25“Effect of extreme hydroclimatic conditions on groundwater systems in permafrost, central Yakutia”

Leonid Gagarin, Alexander Kolesnikov

14:50“Residence time estimation of permafrost groundwater at Yakutsk region, eastern Siberia”

Tetsuya Hiyama, Kazuyoshi Asai, Alexander Kolesnikov, Leonid Gagarin, Victor Shepelev

[Session 5] Flood-induced hazards and benefits
(chaired by Hiroki Takakura)
15:30(keynote speech)
“The local conceptualization of river ice thawing and the spring flooding of the Lena River under the global warming”

Hiroki Takakura

15:55“Flood disaster caused by permafrost degradation in the far north of Siberia”

Toru Sakai, Tetsuya Hiyama, Junko Fujiwara, Semen Gotovtsev, Leonid Gagarin

16:20“Regional problems of the reducing vulnerability to extreme floods and climate change: Уakutia case”

Vanda Ignatуeva

16:45“Flood and migration policy in the Republic of Sakha”

Junko Fujiwara

17:10Discussion, closure at 17:45
Friday 9 March (Location: RIHN Lecture Hall)
[Session 6] Wild and domestic animals in sub-Arctic region
(chaired by Shirow Tatsuzawa)
9:00(keynote speech)
“Current Status of the wild reindeer populations and domestic reindeer farming in Sakha Republic”

Innokentiy M. Okhlopkov

9:25“The migration of eastern Siberian wild reindeer: where, when, how and why do they do?”

Shirow Tatsuzawa, Innokentiy M. Okhlopkov, Egor V. Kirillin, Egor A. Nikolaev, Nikita G. Solomonov

9:50“Reindeer herding and environmental change in the Kobyai and Olenyok districts, Sakha Republic”

Atsushi Yoshida

10:15“Reindeer herding and environmental change in the Tompo district, Sakha Republic”

Atsushi Nakada

10:55“Furbearer hunting and invasive alien species issues in Yakutia”

Tohru Ikeda

[Session 7] Adaptation to climate change
(chaired by Susan A. Crate)
11:20(keynote speech)
“Water, water everywhere: perceptions of chaotic water regimes in northeastern Siberia, Russia”

Susan A. Crate

11:45“History of development of transport infrastructure in Yakutia”

Sardana Boyakova

12:10“Biblical suggestions of CSR in regard to energy projects in Lensk district, Republic of Sakha: focusing on climate and environmental problems”

Kyong Wan Lee

13:00Lunch and poster presentations
14:00General Discussion
15:30Closing ceremony

Tetsuya Hiyama (concluding remarks)
Tsugihiro Watanabe (Deputy Director-General of RIHN) (closing address)

酒井 徹(総合地球環境学研究所プロジェクト上級研究員)