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“Toward a Sustainable Society for the Future: Dialogues in Almaty”


Part 1: Scientific Workshop
“Toward a Sustainable Society in Central Asia: An Historical Perspective on the Future”
日 程: January 10-11, 2012
会 場: Kazakh Economic University
【趣 旨】
Historically and geographically, Central Asia has been a key area of interaction, transit and exchange between East and West. While many Central Asian peoples are well recognized in historical records as skilled nomads, merchants and traders, it is more recently acknowledged that these peoples also assimilated the ideas and artifacts passing through their territories into their own cultures, often with material effect on landscapes and livelihoods. This multidisciplinary workshop will focus on historical transitions in subsistence practices in the region, especially as these can be linked to external influence, multicultural exchange, and environmental change, both ancient and modern. The aims of the workshop are allow an international and multidisciplinary group of academics to share their research experiences in Central Asia and to stimulate innovative conceptualization of cultural and environmental change in the region. The workshop will consist of scientific presentations by invited scholars and discussion with various kind of specialist concerning the environment in Central Asia.

Reconstruction of the Environmental Change in Central Asia

Historical analysis on human adaptation to external influences, such as changes of the environment and social systems

Balancing resource development and preservation in arid and semi-arid regions

Part2: Public Seminar
“Toward a Sustainable Society in Central Asia: Our responsibilities toward Unborn Generations and Unseen People”

日 程: January 12, 2012. 14:00-17:30
会 場: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
共 催:
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
under auspices of
UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office and Branch Office in Almaty, Embassy of Japan in Kazakhstan
【趣 旨】
Since the foundation of the RIHN, it has been our basic understanding that the root of the so-called global environmental issues lies with human culture in the broadest sense of the word, that is, the way of living in which humans wish to control nature. To reach solutions to global environmental issues, it is essential for us to draw up a plan for building a sustainable society. In this seminar, we would like to seek how we reach better solutions for the future through keynote speeches by Kazakhstan and Japanese scholars, and a dialogue with young university students.