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日  時: 2012年7月6日(金)11:00~12:15
場  所: 総合地球環境学研究所 インキュベーションセンター横会議室 (矢印アクセス
タイトル: International Environmental Politics of Rio+20: Where are we heading from now on ?
発表者: UYAR, Aysun(総合地球環境学研究所助教)
言 語: 英語
【要 旨】

Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development was the biggest meeting of the international society recently to focus on the urging problems of sustainability development and forthcoming issues like negative impacts of global environmental change, poverty and economic development needs of the developing countries. There were variety of issues in addition to these main themes as Rio+20 was continuation of the international diplomacy of a new kind to focus on global issues of development and sharing limited resources of the world. Hence, there is a need to look at the 40 years of international environmental politics and the important turning points of the global sustainability development agenda to better understand main discussions and problems that took place during Rio+20 negotiations. We will also focus on the main post-Rio+20 questions we, as the research community, must keep in our minds and on our agendas in order to better understand and cope with the recent global sustainability and environmental change problems in our future research.

UYAR, Aysun