Project List (2006)

Full Research and Pre-Research

Axis 1 Environmental Change Impact Assessment

1-1 FR 5 Impact of Climate Changes on Agricultural Production System in the Arid Areas
WATANABE Tsugihiro
1-2 FR 4 Recent Rapid Change of Water Circulation in the Yellow River and Its Effects on the Environment
1-3 PR Vulnerability and Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems

Axis 2 Human Activity Impact Assessment

2-1 FR 5 Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Aerosols, and Human Activities in Eastern Asia
2-2 FR 4 Sustainability and Biodiversity Assessment on Forest Utilization Options
2-3 FR 2 Human Activities in Northeastern Asia and Their Impact on the Biological Productivity in North Pacific Ocean
2-4 FR 1 Human Impacts on Urban Subsurface Environments
2-5 FR 1 When Agriculture Destroys the Environment
SATO Yo-Ichiro

Axis 3 Spacial Scale

3-1 FR 5 Multi-Disciplinary Research for Understanding Interactions between Humans and Nature in the Lake Biwa-Yodo River Watershed
YACHI Shigeo
3-2 FR 3 Interactions between Natural Environment and Human Social Systems in Subtropical Islands
TAKASO Tokushiro
3-3 PR Environmental Change and the Indus Civilization
OSADA Toshiki

Axis 4 History and Time Scale

4-1 FR 5 Historical Evolution of the Adaptability in an Oasis Region to Water Resource Changes
NAKAWO Masayoshi
4-2 FR 4 A Trans-Disciplinary Study on the Regional Eco-History in Tropical Monsoon Asia:1945-2005
4-4 PR Neolithisation and Modernisation: Landscape History on East Asian Inland Seas
4-5 PR Historical Interactions between Hybrid Society of Ethnic Groups and the Natural Environment in a Semi-Arid Region, Central Eurasia

Axis 5 Conceptual Framework for Global Environmental Issues

5-1 FR 5 Global Water Cycle Variation and the Current World Water Resources Issues and Their Perspectives
KANAE Shinjiro
5-2 FR 3 Interactions between the Environmental Quality of a Watershed and the Environmental Consciousness: With Reference to Environmental Changes Caused by the Use of Land and Water Resources
5-3 FR 1 A New Cultural and Historical Exploration into Human-Nature Relationships in the Japanese Archipelago
YUMOTO Takakazu
5-4 PR Effects of Environmental Change on Interactions between Pathogens and Humans
KAWABATA Zen'ichiro

Feasibility Studies

2-6 FS Clarification of Materials Circulatory Systems Changes in East Asia as a Result of the Use of Geo-spherical Resources
NAKANO Takanori
2-7 FS Relationships between Human Activities and Atomospheric Changes, Possibilities of Harmonious Society for Environmental Issues in the East Asia
ZHENG Yuejun
2-8 FS Environmental Changes and Vector-Borne Diseases in Tropical Asia and Oceania
MOJI Kazuhiko
2-9 FS Evaluation for on-farm Conservation of Traditional Farming Systems and Lifestyles
SATO Tadashi
2-10 FS Better Understanding of Plant Distribution and Carbon Circulation Change by Human Activities in Asia
HONDA Yoshiaki
3-4 FS High-Altitude Environments Association of Aging, Diseases and Livelihood with Culture and Nature
OKUMIYA Kiyohito
3-5 FS

Collapse and Restoration of Ecosystem Networks under Human Activities
YAMAMURA Norio (This project was converted to FS in October 2006)

4-6 FS Historical Interaction between Nomadic States' Activities and Environmental Trasformation in the High-Latitude Asian Steppe Region
SHIRAISHI Noriyuki (Niigata University)

Incubation Studies

  IS Histories of Economic Activities and Environmental Protection Policies and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem in the Caspian Sea
KITAZAWA Daisuke (The University of Tokyo)
  IS How is it Thought about Rapid Increase and Decrease of Cormorant Populations?
TAKAHASHI Shinji (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
  IS A Study of Human Subsistence Ecosystems among Arab Societies: To Combat Livelihood Degradation
NAWATA Hiroshi (Tottori University)
  IS A Complex Analysis of Urban Environments Based on Multiple Historical Chronologies and Its Future Impact on the Earth's Potential
MURAMATSU Shin (The University of Tokyo)
  IS Environmental Problems and Human Security for Children as Our Future: Asia-Pacific Children and the Environment (ACE) Project.
YAMAUCHI Taro (University of Tokyo)
  IS Collapse and Restoration of Ecosystem Networks under Human Activities
YAMAMURA Norio (Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University)
(This project was converted to FS in October 2006)

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