Project List (2002)

Full Research

Axis 1 Environmental Change Impact Assessment

1-1 FR Impact of climate changes on agricultural production system in the arid areas
WATANABE Tsugihiro

Axis 2 Human activity assessment

2-1 FR 1 Emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols, and human activities in Eastern Asia

Axis 3 Spacial Scale

3-1 FR 1 Multi-disciplinary research for understanding interactions between humans and nature in the Lake Biwa-Yodo River watershed
WADA Eitaro

Axis 4 Historical Time

4-1 FR 1 Historical evolution of the adaptability in an oasis region to water resource changes
NAKAWO Masayoshi

AXIS5 Integration

5-1 FR 1 Integrated management system for water issues by global environmental information library and world water model
OKI Taikan

Feasibility Studies

1-2 FS Recent rapid change of water circulation in the Yellow River and its effects on the environment
2-2 FS Evaluation of sustainable forest use options and their perspectives
3-2 FS Interactions between the environmental quality of a watershed and the environmental consciousness - with reference to environmental changes caused by the use of land and water resources -
4-2 FS Interplay between lake ecosystems and human activities: the past, present and future for water resources
4-3 FS Constructing a regional eco-history model in tropical monsoon Asia

Incubation Studies

  IS Interaction between the natural environment and human social systems in subtropical Islands
TAKASO Tokushiro (Tropical Biosphere Research Center,University of the Ryukyus)
  IS Human Activities in Northeastern Asia and Their Impact on Biological Productivity in North Pacific Ocean
HARA Toshihiko (Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University)

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