The 61st RIHN Seminar

The 61st RIHN Seminar will be held on July 13th. The details are as follows.

Date: 13th, July(Wed)
Time: 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

RIHN Lecture Hall (Access)

Title: “Health impacts by disasters in the world and East Japan Earthquake - Challenges and perspectives of emergency and long-term response”
Speaker: Kunii Osamu (Chief, Child Survival and Development, UNICEF Somalia Support Center, Nairobi, Kenya)
Language: Japanese

A disaster happens with hazards and risks to human beings, and an emergency occurs with vulnerability and response of human beings. The recently increasing disasters seem also related to increasing human activities. Engaged in emergency response to large-scale disasters and conflicts in the world, the speaker will demonstrate health impacts and response of past several disasters including Indian Ocean Tsunami, Bangladesh Floods, Myanmar Cyclone, Indonesian forest fires, Aral Sea Ecological disaster, Horn of Africa Drought, and recent East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Emphasized are information including rapid assessment, research, monitoring and evaluation, evidence-based response, and prevention and mitigation of future disasters.

KUME Takashi (Associate Professor, RIHN)

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