The 41st RIHN seminar series
The 2nd Jakarta Seminar

The 2nd Jakarta Seminar and the 41st RIHN seminar series will be held on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009.

Date & time: November 12th (Thu), 2009 13:30-17:15
Venue: RIHN Lecture Hall ( access)
Title: "Post-revolutionary Djakarta: Accessible City"
Lecturer: Professor Benedict Anderson
Commentators: Kouji Sato (National Museum of Ethnology)
Yuko Yamashita
(Department of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University)
Coordinator: Goh Kato (Department of Sociology, Ryukoku Universtiy)


The Jakarta Urban Study Group has established to inherit the accumulated academic knowledge concerning Jakarta with a critical eye. For our second lecture, we will be happy to welcome Professor Benedict Anderson, a renowned author of “Imagined Communities,” who will talk about Jakarta, a city where he had been conducting field research since when he was a young scholar. As he wrote in his recent book "Jumping out of a Coconut Shell Bowl", NTT Publication, translated by Gho, KATO, 2009, Tokyo), lucky Ben the Frog did not stay inside of a coconut shell bowl and jumped around many different cities in the world--Kunming, Waterford (Ireland), London, Ithaca, Jakarta, and Bangkok. He would give us an interesting lecture based on his wide and deep insights and sharp thinking regarding these cities.


13:30-13:35: Opening Remarks
13:35-15:45: Lecture by Professor Benedict Anderson
15:45-16:00: Intermission
16:00-16:30: Comments
16:30-17:15: Questions and answers

Message from Guest Lecturer:

I will talk about accessibility in various contexts in post–revolutionary Djakarta. All streets were open to betjaks (tri-cycles) and bicycles, even occasionally a kuda (horse) or two. Access to districts, and there were no gated communities. Access to public spaces: near naked boys playing soccer opposite Hotel Indonesia; access to Presidential Palace for wayang performances; access to politicians; access to universities and schools. Access to prostitutes, since they were not yet sequestered. Street culture, children outside houses most of the time, not inside. Linguistic access: everyday bahasa Indonesia without levels of deference.



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