The 40th  RIHN Seminar and the 5th Chinese Environmental Issues Workshop

Date&Time: 10:30-12:00, 30th September, 2009
Place: RIHN Lecture Hall ( access)
Speaker: Dr. Ilan Chabay
Professor of Public Learning and Understanding of Science Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
Title: "Natural science and social practice: How understanding science affects sustainable practice for migrant workers in China and fishermen in the Baltic Sea"

Addressing the complex problems of averting or mitigating the negative consequences of anthropogenic changes in our global ecological system, human society faces the enormous challenge of changing to more sustainable behaviors in all communities and at all levels of society. What knowledge and in what form and what processes of learning are needed in which communities to implement changes toward sustainable practices? That question is at the core of the new International Human Dimensions Programme in Global Environmental Change (IHDP) initiative on Knowledge, Learning, and Societal Change in the Transition to a Sustainable Future (KLSC). I will discuss the KLSC project’s scientific framework and use two of my Center’s current projects to illustrate approaches to research within that framework. In one project in Guandong province, China, and another in the countries around the Baltic Sea, we are studying how people’s understanding of natural science affects their choices of behavior in regard to environment, work, and health.


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