Research project of the Research Institute of Humanity and Nature (RIHN), No.4-1
Historical evolution of adaptability in an oasis region to water resource changes
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2007/7/5 "Intriguing ASIA"99(Bensei Publishing)
2007/4/1 Proceedings of International Symposium on Khara Khoto. See here for detail
2007/3//30 "An Oral History of Mothers in the Ejene Oasis, Inner Mongolia"
2007/3/30 "A Guidebook for the Heihe River Basin"
2007/3/30 "History of Oasis Region"(Shokodo, Kyoto)
2007/3/30 "50 years History of Frontier Area in China"(Toho Shoten)
2007/2-3 Research Reports Vol.6 No.2and No.3
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Yuzo Kato (RIHN)