"Designing Local Frameworks for
Integrated Water Resources Management"

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(RIHN)
Circulation Program-09(C-09)(Full Research)(FY2011-)

(Photo location: Turkey, Seyhan River Basin, 2011.09)

This project investigates the pressing need for integrated water and land management and improved human-water-land relationships. It is based on the results of several completed RIHN research projects related to basin resources management. Project research entails interdisciplinary investigation of the merits and demerits of distinct water management regimes, especially related to irrigation, in several semi-arid and humid environmental contexts. Main research foci are agricultural productivity, water balance and environment, management institutions and organizations, and human behavior and consciousness. Field and modeling studies are integrated to develop an advanced description of the knowledge systems affecting water management; it will allow comprehensive analysis of the key elements in improved management of basin water resources and in human-water-land relationships more generally.

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RIHN Water Management Project
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