Sino-Japan Trade ยท Agricultural Cooperation: Review and Prospects of Cooperation between Heilongjiang Province and Hokkaido

Da Zhigang
Institute of Northeast Asia Studies of Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences


In recent years, trade cooperation between China and Japan constantly makes a new record. Trade volume rose above 280 billion dollars in 2008 after surpassing 200 billon dollars in 2006. At the end of 2008, the projects directly invested in China by Japanese businesses were over 40,000 and total investment was up to 66.6 billion dollars. Though the financial crisis worsens the world economy, Sino-Japan trade still develops well. Now the two countries are just in a transitional period when the dependence of trade cooperation between each other increases more and more on the basis of strategically mutual benefits. Against this background, despite the fact that there are such problems as quality and security in farm produce and foods, the general development trend of agricultural trade is good and cooperation potential is great. Especially with the development of Sino-Japanese agricultural trade, the agricultural resources will be optimized so that it is very likely to realize the mutual and harmonious development in agriculture for two countries. Agriculture is a pillar industry for both Heilongjiang and Hokkaido to enjoy the competitive advantage and deepen the external cooperation. Moreover, there are other complementary strengths such as the creation of regional famous brand products and the cooperation in food processing technology in two regions. Agricultural cooperation between Heilongjiang and Hokkaido is supposed to be a drive to promote the cooperation in others fields. And the opened regional market will help to achieve the win-win target of Northeast Asia agricultural strategy.