The investigation and estimation on influences of Songhuajiang River’s nitrobenzene leakage incident to fishery environment

Haijin LIU



A water pollution incident was happened in Songhuajiang River, China in 2005, this incident evoked society to take serious consideration of fishery ecological environment protection and seafood safety. The Chinese government paid great attention to this incident, and sent a special working team to conduct investigation and deal with the pollution. Fishery Research Institute and other departments carried out a project named “ecological environment estimation and strategy research on Songhuajiang River’s water pollution incident”. The investigation team surveyed the residue level of nitrobenzene of fishery product in mainstream of Songhuajiang River and analyzed the fish sample, water ample and cultivation water body in the pond along the river. The enrichment and releasing experiments were carried out on nitrobenzene in fish and bait biology and a series of simulation experiments on toxicological effects were developed. The impact of pollution incident on fishery resources and ecological environment was completely assessed. Speaker has briefly introduced the findings of the investigation.



劉 海金

以前、中国の北部で工場が爆発し、松花江の水環境が汚染された事故が発生した。この事故をきっかけに、中国国内で汚染事故による生態系への影響および水産品の安全性に対する関心が高まった。中国政府もこの事故を非常に重要視し、国立水産研究所を中心に専門チームを現場に派遣し、事故の原因究明および事故後の処理に努めた。 調査チームは松花江本流の水産品のニトロベンゼンの残留量を調査し、また、松花江両側の養殖池の水と魚標本を分析し、魚類およびプランクトンのニトロベンゼンの生物蓄積と魚類のリリーステストを行った。さらに毒理学的実験も実施して、汚染事故の漁業資源と生態系への影響を総合的に評価した。演者は担当者として調査結果の概要を紹介する。