Environmental Technologies and Experiences in the field of the environment developed in Hokkaido  

Akiteru Kawamura
Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau


In recent years, along with the rapid economic growth of East Asia and others, what is concerned about is more increasing environmental impact.
Hokkaido has been appreciating a rich natural environment facing the Sea of Okhotsk known as one of the three major fishing grounds in the world and exporting the fishery resources to all over the world including China. It is a significant mission for us to conserve and pass down the environment for sure on to the next generation. The transboundary cooperation around the rim of Okhotsk is essential for it.
Hokkaido Development Bureau is currently doing a survey, to build a sustainable relationship around the rim of Okhotsk region, on the possible use of Environmental Technologies and experiences in the field of the environment developed in Hokkaido to the environmental issues in Russian Far East and northeast China.
Out of the survey results so far, we introduce some of the Environmental Technologies of Hokkaido that would be of use in those regions.

Comprehensive Development Plan of Hokkaido
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Russian Far East
northeast China
Environmental Technology
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