Chinese-Russian Wood Trade and Economic Cooperation in This Field

Feng Anquan
Lecturer, East China Normal University, School of Advanced International and Area Studies´╝îRussian Research Center


Wood resources are important strategic materials and play important roles in national economic development. Recently, with the sustained development of the Chinese economy, the requirements for wood have increased tremendously. Additionally, China is a country relatively lacking in wood resources, which means that the market needs cannot be met by domestic supply, and that the contradiction between the supply and demand is continuously expanding. Usually, overseas import is one of the effective ways to solve this problem.

Russia owns the most abundant forest resources in the world, occupying 30% of the total amount of world-wide export in crude wood, and already is the largest importer of Chinese crude wood and board now. For the past few years, in order to promote the wood industry and reward the export of wood ware with high added value, the government of Russia unveiled some fresh policies such as the restriction of log exports, which has had a huge influence on the progress of the Chinese wood industry. Moreover, the progress of the Chinese wood industry has been further influenced since the 2008 global economic crisis. Therefore, clarifying the cooperation in wood resources between both countries is beneficial to the development of the Chinese wood industry and Chinese-Russian Wood Trade.