Directions of sustainable development of Russian Far East

P.Ya. Baklanov
Pacific Institute of Geography of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok, Russia


In 2008 - 2009 a strategy of the development of the Far East, the Baikal and Irkutsk areas has being developed in Russia up to 2025. By our estimations the basic long-term factors of regional development, including sustainable development of the Far Eastern region are as follows:
- Big and diverse nature-resource potential of the region, including sea resources and, especially, renewable natural land and sea resources.
- Specific economic-geographical and geopolitical position of the Russian Far East, formation and functioning of its multidimensional contact structures and functions.
- Infrastructural and scientific and technical, innovative potential accumulated by the present stage of the development of the region. Priorities of long-term regional development have been defined on the basis of the analysis of the present state, the basic problems and factors of social and economic development of the region.

1. Sea economic complex including fishing economy, fish processing, marine culture, sea transport, shipbuilding, ship repair;
2. Forest economic complex, including deep processing of wood and non-wood resources, low-grade timber;
3. A mining complex, including gold mining, platinum, silver and diamonds;
4. Development of oil and gas extraction, oil and gas transportation, oil and gas processing and petro-chemistry;
5. Power development, including the hydroelectric and atomic power stations;
6 .Development of the contact, including trans-boundary, structures and functions, including transit transportations, oil and gas pipelines, power circuits, etc.;
7. Development of the large scientifically-educational and innovative centers;
8. Development of various kinds of tourism, including ecological;
9. A market infrastructure, including international logistical centers, insurance companies, banks, exhibition centers, etc.

We have been estimated the conformity of the allocated priorities and available investment projects in the region.
Realization of these priorities of the regional development on the basis of long-term factors will allow us to enter a trajectory of sustainable development. Development of the territorial structures of economy and an exit on manufacture of a total regional product per capita estimated at over 10 thousand dollars, preservation of sufficient natural-resource potential and high qualities of environment in the region should become its preconditions. With this end it is offered to introduce the regional quality standards of regional development (economic, social and ecological) and organization of constantly operating monitoring system of regional development, including monitoring of nature use.