About Our Project

 There is an important environmental component to infectious disease. While pathological studies inform effective disease treatment, study of disease ecology – the interactions between pathogen, host and human actions that may create or alleviate ‘fertile’ disease environments – is necessary for prediction and prevention of new disease outbreaks.
 This project develops a model of environment-pathogen-human interactions, based on our intensive examining the ecological and social causes and effects of Koi Herpes Virus disease (Photo 1) in Lake Biwa, Japan. Based on the model, we will suggest ways to prevent or minimize the emergence and spread of infectious diseases.

Photo 1 : Carp killed by KHV disease (Lake Biwa, 2004 by Masatomi Matsuoka)
(RIHN ed. (2010) The RIHN Encyclopediaof Global Environmental Studies, Kobunndo, p284).


Effects of Environmental Change on Interactions
between Pathogens and Humans.
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